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15 Things to know before you go to Vietnam

…anger feels scary to most of us. But some hotels and guesthouses in Ho Chi Minh city may ask to hold onto your passport for time of your stay with them. This is a pretty common practice.   10.  Crossing a Vietnamese Street Crossing a Vietnamese street can feel scary as there are traffic signals for pedestrians. It will take some time before you feel comfortable with it.  Read my tips here.   11.  DO the Street…

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Vietnam Travel Survival Guide

…ational SMS.   Domestic Flights in Vietnam Jetstar (HCMC-Hanoi approx $70-110) Flights from HCHC/Saigon to Hanoi $110 Vietnam Airlines (HCMC-Hanoi approx $107)***   Maps for Vietnam Hanoi Sapa . Train Schedules for Vietnam: (Vietnam Impressive– advance booking and ticket delivery) . Getting a Vietnam Visa from Korea Xanadu 80,000 + 20,000 service charge= 100,000 (but located in Seoul) Kangsan Travel 105,000 + 30,000 service…

June 10, 2010 3
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TOP 5 Tips for Surviving Vietnam

…a of crossing the street and I was kind of like that at first too. Until I figured out how it was done. Actually you know what I’m not gonna waste my number four on this. Go watch my video and check out how I crossed a Vietnamese Street. 4. Budget tours! Vietnam has the best budget tours and you’ll be spoiled by the prices. A lot of times these tours are all-inclusive covering accommodations, tour guides, transportation and…

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Solo Vietnam: Theft and Halong Bay in a Day

…17;ve seen, so there! Rather than waste my time describing everything (below is a photo slideshow). High bay robbery: Travelers experiencing crime Many travel forums, even your guesthouse or hostel might warn you of crime in Vietnam. Vietnam is one of those countries you’ll want to stay on your toes. On the tour, I met Marino, a Japanese expat living and working in New Zealand as an animator for a motion-tracking visual FX company….

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How to Find Great Budget Tours in Vietnam (and not get ripped off!)

…I didn’t find Sinh Tourist Cafe, but five, each brandishing the same business sign! Two of them were located next to each other and sitting directly across of the real Sinh Cafe! Fortunately, I researched the address to know better. Outside the Sinh Tourist, Hanoi (the real Sinh Cafe); Inside Sinh Tourist, HCMC Watch my Top 5 Tips for Traveling Vietnam: 5 Risky Things to Do if you’re Solo in Vietnam 15 things to know about Vietnam before…

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18 Things to Know about Sapa Before you Go | Vietnam

…soup made from scratch. Delicious! A triple decker cucumber and cheese sandwich.Yum! Next up… Cat Cat Village & Sapa Market VIDEO: Travel Survival Tips for Vietnam (below) Watch my: Top 5 Travel Tips for Surviving Vietnam Related Posts: Vietnam Travel Guide: 15 things to know about Vietnam before you go How to find a good budget tour agent in Vietnam (without getting ripped off)? 5 Risky Things to Do if you’re Solo in Vietnam ….

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5 Risky Things to Do if you’re Solo in Vietnam

…ry, it offers front row ground-level seating to the popular local spectator sport of street watching!   What are some daring things you’d recommend for Vietnam? Disclaimer: These activities all contain an element of danger to which this author and site claims no responsibility. If you attempt them, it is at your own risk. Related Posts: How to Find Great Budget Tours in Vietnam 5 Risky Things to Do if you’re Solo in Vietnam . 5 things…

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Hello Vietnam! What? You cancelled my room reservation?!

…afe near my hotel, the connection speed was blood-letting my patience and my fingers wrestled with the computer keyboards. It was… “rffsesng towrkforme“. It took me a while to realize Facebook is blocked in Vietnam, even though the few Vietnamese around me were happily checking Facebook status updates. I could hear the faint sound of my mother’s voice: “Did you know that Vietnam is a Communist country?…“…

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How to cross a street in Vietnam… and survive!

…ure. Fortunately, there were other Asian tourists on the same sidewalk, giving me courage with numbers. And I quickly figured out that there’s a method to the madness of these Vietnamese streets.   Road rules of a Vietnamese street Firstly, the Vietnamese are virtuosos of the two-wheeled mule and highly skilled motorists, able to handle hoards of traffic, chaotic congestion, soggy weather circumstances and a bike heaped with a…

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