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Imperfect Solo Adventures, Travel Survival and Finding your GRRR

GRRRL TRAVELER  is a travel survival and solo travel site inspiring others to find their GRRR for travel.  It’s about finding empowerment as a traveler by navigating cultural diversity while experiencing the bizarre, foreign, frightening and often times, funny.  I may not always start out with the GRRR, but I have it at the end.

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II:  Trip Planning

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 III:  Solo Female Travel

Q: How do you overcome the fear of solo travel?

I’ve been traveling solo for over six years and I don’t know if I’ll ever get over that initial reluctance of travel jumping alone. It’s all weirdly mental and for me, the trick is getting myself to leap. As a women, I’m often prone to second guessing or doubting my abilities, even if experience has proven otherwise. But the more I travel alone , the more comfortable I become with it once I’m on the road. Situations become familiar and my instincts kick in.

Your Top Solo Questions Answered

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Safety & Fear

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 Is it easy being a female solo traveler?.. Not!
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IV:  Travel Survival

The vacation part of each trip, only starts after you survive it.  So here’s how to survive it…

  How to Deal with Travel Scams
21 Ways to Outsmart Pickpockets and Thieves
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 V:  Winging it Travel

Q:  Is it safe to wing my travels?

It depends on your comfort level with travel and your sense of self-trust.  Starting out, it’s not easy your travels, especially if you’re new to solo travel. I’d start gradually. But with travel you come to find, one constant rule applies– Nothing ever goes the way you think it will. When you travel with that understanding, you become more flexible and ready for change, because you expect it will hold good opportunities if you simply redirect it. Change is all about redirection and flowing with it. It’s like a flowing stream. The moment the stream meets an rock wall, it doesn’t stop; instead, it redirects its course and flows around the wall. Eventually, when I do that enough, I begin to trust my resourcefulness and ability to redirect into change.  Like anything, the more you do it, the more experienced and confident you become in it.

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VI:  Money & Affording Travel

Q: How do you afford your travels?

Quite simply, I work and save for them. No magic wand. Sorry.But seeing as I require activity and movement on a constant basis, there’s other tricks I use also. I steer my job search towards jobs/careers that allow or pay me to travel. For instance, teaching English in Korea was an all-expense paid move and my work paid me enough to travel during vacation breaks. I also base my travels on affordability, choosing the countries based on low flight costs and which are inexpensive to travel.

  Art of Hobo-ing: How to Budget for long-term travel
 Long-term solo travel and three mistakes I wish I avoided

VII:  How to Teach English in Korea

Interested in teaching in Korea? Click on the photo below for my ESL resource page, where I have links to my YouTube videos and posts on how you can teach in Korea.

teach english overseas, teach english in korea, how to teach english in korea, teach esl in korea, teach esl overseas, esl programs

So you Wanna Teach English in Korea?


VIII: Travel Blogging Success

Q: Can you make money travel blogging?

Yes. You can. But it’s not as easy as some travel bloggers paint it. In essence, it’s the equivalent to starting your own freelance company. Be prepared to do a lot of work and to find other ways to diversify your blog services. What’s helped me significantly is Travel Blog Success. You can read more about it here. It taught me in one month, what it took over six years to learn on my own. Still, if quick money is your aim, it’s definitely easier to get a job and get paid by the hour.  The joy of travel blogging has to be your number one incentive before all else.

How to Grow a Successful Blog
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  1. great forum, I liked it.

  2. karl pensyl says:

    I would like to travel in s korea after I retire next year. How can I find korean pen pals now?

  3. Alexa says:

    Just found your blog and am thankful for your insights! I’m also from Hawaii and am looking for an adventure that will (hopefully) include teaching in South Korea!

  4. Jim says:

    Glad I came across your site. It’s nice to find a travel blog that isn’t so “stale”. I enjoy reading about your adventures. I’m going to be visiting Japan soon, and am now very inclined to fly over to Seoul for a few days while I’m there. Keep the adventures coming!

  5. Hey there. Love the blog. Would you like to meet up and have a cup of something and a chat? Thanks, Ben

    • Sorry I forgot to say the most important things: that I’m in Daegu, and English, and a 32 year old man (with his head screwed-on backwards judging by the absent-mindedness of my last post!)

  6. Rosa says:

    Is there a specific agency you went through to get the teaching job in Korea?

  7. Rosa says:

    I would love to do what you do! Traveling the world! Did you go to school for a teaching degree? If not, how were you able to teach English abroad?

    • I didn’t go to school for teaching but my mother’s an elementary teacher and I’ve been raised alongside of having to tutor her kids, etc… But that doesn’t make a difference in Korea. They have their own program and we got week’s intensive about teaching in a public school. Also, we have Korean co-teachers there to help the kids with further understanding. Why not give it a try?

  8. James K says:

    Just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and found it useful for my prep in coming to Korea! Thanks and keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  9. Chad says:

    Hi Christine

    Great site! I have been enjoying reading through it. I especially like the recent Morocco articles as would love to go there and also the Korean stuff. I’ve been playing with the idea of teaching english for a while now.

  10. Dan Arif says:

    hey there.. I was blogwalking and I found your site.. nice site with lots of info.. keep it up 🙂

  11. Heather says:

    I’m loving reading your blog! I am looking to move next spring after I graduate in December and right now South Korea is in the lead of where I want to go! I’m excited to go through your past posts about Korea but I am loving reading about your new travels!

    • @Heather: Hey there grrrl, so you’re up for the Korean adventure, huh? Korea is only improving with time and the influx of foreigners so by the time you get there it may be ready for you! Thanks for reading my blogs and leaving your comment. Maybe I’ll see you on the other end! 😉

  12. Eun Jang says:

    I am so glad to find your blog. Your articles and photos are inspirational. Can’t wait to join you on FB! Are you still in Korea?

    • @Eun Jang: Comments like yours are so nice to read and hope you find some of the info helpful! Thanks also for joining my FB page!

      Just left Korea about a month ago but am looking to return within the next few months. Fingers crossed! I think Korea has so much to offer and though my experiences are always shifting, overall, I like Korea a lot. Are you visiting family or considering moving?

  13. Victoria says:

    Hey I’m so amazed with your blog that I added it to my favorite internet read!! I’m traveling to Korea this fall and your blog is so encouraging and helpful. I’m a single female traveler to and this was so encouraging and interesting. Thank you so so very much 😀

  14. Ananya says:

    Hope you are having a wonderful time travelling around the world. All the best. Just have a look at this site if you want to know the time and date zone difference between countries

  15. Mee Joo says:

    Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and was excited to see that you’re from Hawai’i – me too! I’ve been living here for a couple of years now, but am homesick – always for the weather! haha. Just had some spam and rice for dinner tonight – great comfort food! Anyway, if you’re up for it, it would be great to meet up sometime! ^-^ I think that you should be able to see my e-mail, so let me know!

  16. Kenneth says:

    Just want to say that I stumbled upon your blog while googling “staying at jjimbilbang”. I am almost finishing my own RTW trip and you’ve been to places I’ve been but you write about it differently from me and it’s a refreshing perspective to my own so it’s fun to read.

  17. izce says:

    Good day Ms. Christine…I’m izce from Manila and I really find your contributions on this site helpful to my upcoming christmas trip with my parents. I would like to ask for some more help since it is my first time going to Korea during Winter. I want to make the most out of our tour. It is my parents’ first time to experience winter so i would like to know what are the places in Seoul that we must not miss during the trip. My mom is a nature lover.

    Thanks in advance – izce

    • @izce: Thanks for dropping by. I have a couple of posts on Seoul and one more I’ll be adding in the next coming weeks– you can get them off my Destinations link under Korea/Seoul. The Korean Tourism Organization has a bunch of stuff that you can go through depending on your parents’ interests; they also have listings of monthly festivals that you may want to check out. Seoul is historical mixed with modern– palaces, temples, or hanok villages, stuff like that. For nature, you may want to check out some mountains and temples nearby if your folks are into hiking. Koreans are bigtime into that pasttime. Just a tip and it’ll be mentioned in my 5 favorite things to do in Seoul (TAKE the Seoul City Bus Tour! That’s the best recommend. I can give). Hope you and your parents enjoy! 😉

  18. anna says:

    Hi Christine,

    So good to read your blog.
    I’ve had a big crushed on Korea like ages now, and still looking best way to get there, hahaha..
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your story.
    You’ve picked interested parts 😉
    Share more..


    • @Anna: I appreciate that. Hopefully your crush with Korea turns into a reality and hopefully this inspires a juggling of ideas for you. Where there’s a will, there’s ALWAYS a way. You just need to find your way,…but it’s there. Good luck. 😉

  19. Claire says:


    I really like your blog!

    I wondered if you’d be interested in being featured on a Korean Travel Website?

    We started the site as a pilot, with just Gangwon-do, but it’s been so successful that we’re launching version two really soon with information on the whole of Korea. We have someone who has offered to help us with Daegu information but are still looking for more!

    We’d love to feature some information from you or your blog if you have some you think would be suitable – we would link to you and hopefully increase traffic to your blog also…

    Hope you like the website! Look forward to hearing from you!

    Claire (site creator)

  20. Janet says:

    Just wanted to say I came across your blog on The Korean Blog list and think its great! Loving your stories and your honesty…and your layout is awesome. Did you design it yourself?

  21. XIAOSXIN says:

    I wish I could pack up my life like you did and work abroad. I love to travel. I just do not have the courage yet to say that I am leaving my comfort zone.

    • @Xiaosxin: We all have different comfort zones which keep our dreams within manageable boundaries. I think both boundaries and dreams are necessary! And sometimes, when boundaries want to be expanded, life gives us a little push. Don’t worry- you’ll find a way to make your dreams happen one way or another. Just apply steady pressure…. ha ha… Thanks for dropping by!

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