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Summary of what we do

GRRRL TRAVELER is a digital and online storyteller,  sharing brands in a word-of-mouth and experiential way. We are a content creator for multiple platforms.  GRRRL TRAVELER seeks partners which fit our mission statement and ethical brand image. This site supports responsible tourism and does not endorse animal cruelty or minority mistreatment.

 How to work with us


Some of the brands  I’ve worked with

FAM trips
Brand Ambassadorship
Video Campaigns & Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Product Reviews
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All reviews will be honest and sponsored posts will be marked as such. Ultimately, we select our partners based on whether we can offer positive experiences for both, our partners and audience.

*We do not accept sponsorships or endorsements that we do not support or would use.

Note: There is a $35  additional charge for any changes or removals made after publication.  Also, a 6.5% (Paypal service fee + Hawaii State GE tax) fee applies to all sales.

Website Audience

  • Monthly Visitors:   65, 000 +                               Monthly Unique Pageviews:   172,000+
  • Unique Visitors (3o days): 66,000+                  Klout: 64
  • Page Authority: 47 /  Domain Authority:   45   Alexa Rank U.S.:   284,267
  • Email Newsletter Subscribers:  1000+

Demographics:  Readers are a closely 66% women and 34% men, ranging from College to Masters degree, browsing from home and work.  English-speaking. From the United States * (1. California – (23.16%) , 2. New York – (8.96%) , 3. Texas – (8.42%) , 4. Florida – (4.70%) , 5. Illinois – (4.56%)  ), South Korea, Singapore, U.K., Malaysia, Canada.

Video Distribution & Audience

YouTube & Roku TV

All of GRRRL TRAVELER videos are uploaded to our  YouTube channel, a growing fan base of 30K+ subscribers interested in travel. Our videos are viewed in 189 countries and gains an average of 300K-400K+ monthly views.   Total Views: 3,500,000+ views, Videos added to viewer playlists: 34,000.   See sample stats below.

Future Today Inc.

Future Today is the content distributor for several travel-related shows on Roku TV . As of 2014 GRRRL TRAVELER has been airing travel episodes on the TripSmart, iFoodTV, Family Vacations, Smart Woman & Smart Man.TV  channels.  Roku TV is digitally streamed for television in the United States and Canada.  View average: 13,000-15,000 views /month

grrrl traveler youtube, travel vloggers on youtube

2016 YouTube stats

grrrl traveler youtube, travel vloggers on youtube

2016 YouTube stats


Social Media Distribution

All our written, photographic and video content is distributed through one or all of these outlets.  Depending upon campaign, video and photographic content is crafted for social shares and engagement.


Media Kit-  Email me!

Disclaimer:  I will never endorse a product that I do not fully support. All reviews will be honest and sponsored posts will be marked as such.  Integrity and reader trust is my highest priority and I hope to maintain that.




  1. A. K. Blount says:


    Could I introduce You synopsis and video of my book “We save the World”

    The novel “We save the World” focuses on two women who, despite totally different backgrounds, experience similar, enthralling adventures. The first of the woman, French, living in Paris, working in one of the best advertising agencies in the world, the other, from London, is a fashion photographer and is dealing with high society. Their lives are replete with dramatic events, along with brief, erotic dalliances, and passionate love affairs that end in tragedy. Every adversity they encounter along the way only serves to strengthen them. At one point, weary of a barren, soulless existence, they forgot the superficial pleasures of modern life and, independently of each other, travel to Africa in an attempt to make a difference in the world, what will help to save our planet and people, save world, our world. One is saving mountain gorillas, second, children with AIDS. Maybe there, in Africa, they finally meet the love of their life?

    If send me @ I can send You a few fragments of book. If You like it, please write something about my book in Your blog. I know Your price.

    Thank You


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  3. natasha mistry says:

    Dear Christine,
    Hello! Nice to “meet you”
    My name is Natasha Mistry, and I am a fellow solo traveller/artist who most recently travelled to Jeju island, South Korea.

    I first discovered your site, while debating whether to go back to Korea one time….I’s been a great source of information for me, and you also really helped me out when you wrote about hints for travelling in India, so thank you very much!

    I’m writing to you today, to ask if you would be interested in sharing a link about a documentary that I have been working on, in Jeju island. We’re doing a kickstarter campaign, in order to raise funds for post-production costs. We have received quite a bit of media attention in Korea, and made the “Korea Times” too.

    My own story is that I went to Jeju Island to learn the traditional Jeju pottery, as I had fallen in love with Korean pottery a couple of years before.( I’m actually a painter, but I wanted to work with clay too).However, whilst on Jeju Island I discovered this guy making a documentary about Jeju shamanism.(Giuseppe Rositano) I was really impressed by his passion and knowledge about Jeju. He told me that the traditional religion is dying out. Once the older generation die – then all the stories and rituals die too. I embarked on helping him as a camera woman and art director that very day!

    I was mean to stay in Jeju for 6 months, but I ended staying 19 months! The community of English teachers on Jeju island really got involved in the project, as well as local Jeju people. Funds have been raised, but we just wanted to give it one last push before the kickstarter campaign ends in 3 days time!

    If this is something you could share, on facebook, we would really appreciate it! I’m sure you have enough of an audience already, but we could share your blog in return – and of course invite you to the screening, which would be at the end of the summer sometime.

    Thanks for “listening,” and I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend. I am about to be a bridesmaid again, and I have to try on my not so wonderful dress.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  4. Lokesha M B says:

    A single roof where you can get all travel solutions.

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