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Travel Blog Success: How to Grow a Successful Blog

Travel Blog Success Sale, Travel Blog Success review

Travel Blog Success Review: How to Grow a Successful Blog

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I occasionally get reader questions about how to start a blog.

Starting “a blog” is one thing and can be as easy as simply opening a WordPress or Blogger account and plunkering around.

But growing a successful blog is a different question entirely and an monstrous one, which generally falls along the same lines as — How do I start a business from scratch?  

Trust me~ if you want to know how to maintain a blog, grow it, gain traffic, followers and monetize it, etc… you’ll need to read more than a single post!

In fact, if you only knew how many 12-18 hour+ days I’ve spent these past two years, Googling answers and pulling out hair, most readers might re-think asking me that question. You’ll only get a vexing glare back from me.  It’s not something I can easily explain in one sitting nor would I want to try (Note:  I’m not a ‘How to Start a Blog’ blogger).  Technical website stuff and business is the most un-fun part of my blogging job.  To put it lightly, it’s the part about blogging I hate. It’s work, a chore and I despise, loathe …okay, you get the point.

Luckily, with Travel Blog Success, I don’t have to explain anything.

First, I started pointing beginners towards Matt Knepes’ How to Make Money with your Travel Blog. These are for folks, who just want to toe-dip into the idea of making money through blogging. For those, who are serious about developing a successful blog business, I highlight  Travel Blog Success!  It’s everything plus more and I guarantee, you’ll want, need, pray for that more if you’re on your own trying to figure this all out.

Growing a successful blog requires a lot of research, research and more research. You’re continually refining and resculpting your process and practice. Travel Blog Success is the closest thing to a comprehensive workshop/self-study program, that is in an easily digestible and non-overwhelming format.


Why I became a member

In 2008, GRRRLTRAVELER initially kicked off as a hobby travel blog. It only really evolved during my time in Korea. Due to the fact Korea was still relatively new to the travel and ESL world, I blogged a lot. Somewhere within that, I grew a small following.  Upon  returning to the U.S. and finding my purpose and passion for blogging, I decided I wanted to take my blog to the next level. I wanted to start inspiring more solo travelers to get out there and make dreams happen; to do this, I needed my blog to be more successful.

So for two years, I struggled to refine my content, gain followers, find work-travel opportunities and eventually, started selling a few ads a month, making a little money. But I also grew frustrated with the list of things I didn’t know about growing a successful blog (…and no matter how much I researched, that list continually grew):

• How much to charge advertisers?

•  What tried and tested resources would make my job more time-efficient?

• How to get press trips or work with tourism boards?

• How to increase my traffic and navigate SEO?

• What techniques could I use to master social media and grow a following?

Instead of signing up with Travel Blog Success immediately (I was penny-pinching), I guessed at formulas, spent a lot of all-nighters researching blog articles to refine my practices and asked questions in blog forums.  There were times I felt like giving up, wondering if my blog would ever grow… a whole laundry list of insecurities evolved. My eyes grew bloodshot and I felt like my blog was sucking the life out of me. I was working 10x harder than I had before, but wasn’t growing an inch! I was starting to hate it.

This year, I finally broke down and spent the money to join Travel Blog Success.

Now, I wish I did it so much sooner!

What do you get with Travel Blog Success

  • A comprehensive and concise program from how to set up a blog, develop, grow, monetize and transform it into a business.
    Note:  These modules only work if you put it into practice and work at it.


Travel Blog Success Program Modules

Travel Blog Success Program Modules

  • Audio interviews and webinars with top bloggers
    (*I loooove this feature and find it super helpful; it’s like additional trade secrets!)
  • Additional articles
  • Blog resources/tools which you can use to enhance your work style and load.
  • A secret Facebook group
    (This is the bomb; an invaluable resource of blogger support at your fingertips! Got a question, you’ll get some serious feedback from bloggers, who have already encountered success with your topic.)
  • Lifetime membership
  • 30 day guarantee or your money back

All-in-all, you’re getting a lifetime of professional advice for a one-time fee!


Why I like Travel Blog Success

I’ve been with Travel Blog Success for less than six months and implementation takes a bit of time, but overall, it’s drastically improved my mind-set, by putting priorities into better perspective and pushing me to see where I want to develop my blog in the future.

One guru; one source

Instead of splitting my focus with multiple browser tabs open as I research several blog questions at once from different sites , I have one concentrated go-to guru source, which I can trust as reputable and well-earned knowledge.  All information is sculpted towards travel blogging and the travel industry. It’s also written in layman’s terms so you don’t have to be a technical genius to understand it.

I’m not a slave to a blog; I’m a business.

If you’re spending over 40 hours/week working on your blog (which I guarantee, is fairly common), it’s a business, whether you think of it that way or not. But it’s easy to feel like a slave. Although my blog is probably 85% labor-of-love, being a slave to free labor is not a realistic formula for future survival, especially if I’m juggling a second (or third) career to afford this one!  The time spent uploading photos, designing artwork, editing, shooting video, thinking of blog topics, tweeting or Facebooking and researching business and tech stuff I don’t like to read … is easily a fifteen to twenty man job collapsed into one person (especially, if you’re a solo travel blogger!).  Meanwhile,  I need to find ways to pay rent, blog maintenance expenses and eat, have a life and afford my travels in order to blog them!

Travel Blog Success helps me see my work as valuable, financially plausible and impactful in the travel industry market. It helps me develop a better business strategy, through others’ examples. In the short months of being a member, I created eguides to sell and I continually weigh such things, as–  whether a free press trip is enough compensation for the amount of time and days of labor I put into it.

Support group & mentorship

Learning inside trade secrets and how other travel bloggers achieve success is helpful to me… beyond words! There’s always a shroud of mystery surrounding the strategies and practices of successful bloggers.  How do they grow traffic, followers, price ads, or maybe you have question regarding a very specific business deal that just got dropped in your lap! Without guidance or anyone to go to for answers, blogging can feel stressful. It’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. But between the TBS secret Facebook group and webinar/interviews,  I gain insight and recommendations for developing my work and business dealings in a more informed way.


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 Interested in taking your blog to the next step? Want to know how to grow a successful blog? Travel Blog Success.


  1. I want to learn lesson #4! My blog (as well as my online work) suffers when I’m traveling. Too often the hotel wouldn’t have wifi, or the pocket wifi I brought couldn’t get a signal, etc. etc. I’m making money as a digital nomad though, so I’m not after making my blog a business soon. I don’t want to burnout, which some of my travel blogger friends already did. Anyhoo, balance is everything!

    • Christine Kaaloa says:

      @Aleah: I have a problem with that too. I can’t blog while traveling, because I’m just traveling from dawn to nightfall.Balance really so very important in this. That’s one I still have to work out. =(

  2. City Rental says:

    Ooh, thank you for the tips! Very good info.

  3. I’m a huge fan of your blog! I’m in the planning stages of starting my own. I can’t decide if I should get TBS now or wait until I don’t have so much going on and have a better grasp of the whole blogging thing. I have noticed you use mail chimp. I am debating between aweber and mail chimp. Have you had any problems with mailchimp and not allowing affiliate links? The pro-aweber bloggers claim that is problematic and not to go with mailchimp, albeit there are loads of bloggers using mailchimp. Would you recommend mailchimp?

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