24 hours in Fukuoka on a shoestring budget
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24 hours in Fukuoka on a shoestring budget

I wrote about my awesome manga adventure in Fukuoka, but finding an adventure in the day was a different story. Beaches and parks aren’t my thing and Fukuoka holds a quiet lifestyle. Areas like Gion and Tenjin hold small streets and alleys that you can walk and explore. Meanwhile, Fukuoka at night emanates a beautiful neon glow. Here’s some highlights you might enjoy.

April 30, 2013 10
14 ways to spend nights alone as a solo traveler
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14 Ways to Enjoy Nights Alone as a Solo Traveler

I’ll admit, there are times being a solo traveler at night can feel like… well, a single gal alone on a Friday night!

All the world is aglow with friends and drunken laughter. Meanwhile, you’re either standing outside in the cold envying the social fun indoors or in your guesthouse painting your toenails the color of ‘wishful thinking’! Times like this, it’s hard not to occasionally feel… lame.

Well, nuh-uh. It doesn’t have to be this way.

July 12, 2012 48
girl on Skytrain
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Guide to Transportation in Bangkok

In Bangkok, all roads may not lead to Rome, but you’ll have many ways to get there.

One of my favorite things about Bangkok is its transportation. Skytrain, city bus, taxi, motorbike taxi, ferry boat,… each presents a unique way for getting around the city, while also presenting angles of Bangkok life.

December 23, 2011 21
luang prabang river
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Top 5 Reasons to Book your Flight to Laos

After writing my Top 5 things to do in Luang Prabang, you’d think I’d be done; but then one of my readers asked me what my Top 5 things to do in Laos were. For a country you don’t often hear about, you can never have too many lists.

November 30, 2011 13
luang prabang main street
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5 ways to have a blast in Luang Prabang

At the heart of Northern Laos sits Luang Prabang. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the small city blends old European colonial architecture with a Lao urban structure and has a little bit of everything. So with all there is to see, what should you actually do?

October 31, 2011 14
laos transportation guide, getting around laos, how to get around laos.
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The Ultimate Guide to Laos Transportation

When I took the overnight train into Laos, that was the start of my adventure with Laos transportation. Getting around in Laos isn’t hard but it can occasionally be interesting. Check your expectations at the door and go along with the fun.

October 21, 2011 18
10 cool things to do in seoul, what to do in seoul, seoul trip planning, seoul trip guide, seoul travel guide
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Top 10 Things to Do in Seoul

For a weekend traveler living in Korea, Seoul makes my blood race. Sometimes there’s an ongoing list of things of events taking place or sometimes, I just have to create my own ways of having fun.

March 9, 2011 46
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15 Commandments of the New Yorker Bible

New York City.  The Big Apple. Manhattan. The Manhattan lifestyle is a unique beast. New Yorkers are busy, time-calculating, straight-forward and don’t show remorse expressing how they feel, even if it’s blunt honesty. Hey, it’s business an we’ve all got places we need to be.  Nothing personal. But as busy as New Yorkers are, you’re bound to find a […]

December 23, 2009 2
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