48 hours: Winging it in Vientiane
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48 hours: Winging it in Vientiane

My first impression of Vientiane?

Dust. Dirt. Dry.

I had just a restless night on an uncomfortable train, crossing from Thailand into Laos. I was wanting to be impressed.

When I arrived in the Laotian capital, I was still waiting…

July 28, 2011 11
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7 Fun things to do in Bangkok

One of the biggest things I love about Bangkok? It’s never boring. Cheap massages and motorbike taxis to food and fruit vendors on the streets, each day presents a stunning visual array of sights and activities to keep your camera clicking and your wallets opening for budget vacation splurges .

From old world and dilapidated to freshly modern, you may be partially confused as to which way the city leans. The city juggles a persevering history of old wats, floating markets, a loving devotion to the king and a gateway into the future of modern convenience!

March 19, 2011 6
10 cool things to do in seoul, what to do in seoul, seoul trip planning, seoul trip guide, seoul travel guide
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10 Cool Things to Do in Seoul

For a weekend traveler living in Korea, Seoul makes my blood race. Sometimes there’s an ongoing list of things of events taking place or sometimes, I just have to create my own ways of having fun.

March 9, 2011 46
map of Jeju island, jeju island sightseeing map, what to do in jeju island
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Top 8 Things to Do on Jeju Island

Jeju Island is touted as the Korean Hawaii (and the honeymooning capital of Korea) and being a Hawaii native, I’d say it’s in the running realm of consideration. A tropical climate, beaches, inactive volcanoes and a little bit of a laid back way (compared to mainland Korea), Jeju presents the island way…Korean style.

September 30, 2010 30
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15 Commandments of the New Yorker Bible

New York City.  The Big Apple. Manhattan. The Manhattan lifestyle is a unique beast. New Yorkers are busy, time-calculating, straight-forward and don’t show remorse expressing how they feel, even if it’s blunt honesty. Hey, it’s business an we’ve all got places we need to be.  Nothing personal. But as busy as New Yorkers are, you’re bound to find a […]

December 23, 2009 2
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