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Llhamos Kitchen: Taking a cooking class on Tibetan momos in Dharamsala

You might think that taking a cooking class is something at the top of every solo female traveler’s list of things to do. Pbbbbbt… I’ve never been a domestic sort of gal and if I’m cooking for one, my stomach is pretty simple.  So I actually never considered taking a cooking class, while traveling. But […]

November 4, 2012 14
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World’s Worst Toilet: #9 Paid Public Toilets (Paying to Pee vs Pee for Free?)

No matter how I look at it, Indian public restrooms make me suspicious.

On a positive note: at least they have them!

But what about paid public restrooms?

November 3, 2012 10
studying yoga in india
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What is it like studying yoga in India?

Almost a year ago, I’d traveled to India. It was my second visit, but my first time exploring it through yoga.

At the time, I wrote some light posts from a travel perspective, giving readers a brief peek into what it was like staying at a yoga ashram and getting my yoga teacher’s certification at a school there.

August 27, 2012 42
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Love Letter #13: Silence

Dear Love,

Words and thoughts often get in the way of us achieving our greatest potential for awakening.

My destiny is out there. Occasionally when I travel, I catch wind of a resonant “feeling” that takes me to where I should be next. But then, outside thoughts enter the picture pushing me to define the why’s and exacting outlines of goals; and within an instant, I’ve thieved its potential for greatness.

My dream should be simpler.

What do I want to do next?

If there are no words, no thoughts but only feelings and impressions, I know the answer. Silence is hardly silent…

July 7, 2011 4
dharamsala, dalai lama posters
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Five Gurus of my Yoga Teacher Training in India |Dharamsala

After a month long yoga bootcamp at Himalaya Yoga Valley in Dharamsala, I finally graduated. Woot! Muscles aching, belly battling waterborne parasites, while hurdling through two asana classes a day and intensive schedule of studies and teaching practicums… It was a lot! Along the way, you accept your body’s shape-shifting as your foreign environment molds you– injury happens, bad diets take form (carb-loading cause you can’t eat veggies), India initiates you with horrible toilet habits.

But good things come from it as well…

June 12, 2011 13
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Love Letter #12: Passion & Voice for Tibetans in Dharamsala

If a tree falls in the woods but no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

What is a voice crying for help if it cannot make its way beyond the forest? A passion can be fiery but its voice must be able to spread like wildfire in order to have a bigger effect. It must spark beyond the home, beyond its small community…

June 8, 2011 2
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When Tibetan monks get downright passionate!

We all have this idea that Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns have very stoic , temperate and reserved personalities. Afterall, walking Buddha’s Middle Path (of compassion), doesn’t exactly lend itself to the appearance of being excitable, emotional or argumentative. Yet, monks have their moments and in their monk clan, they reveal themselves to be absolutely human when it comes to “the art of debate”!

May 26, 2011 6
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I’m visiting who?… Who is the Karmapa?

Who are we seeing? I asked

The Karmapa.

My party of yogi friends chimed in.


The name didn’t stir recognition for me.

His gaze was intense for such a young-looking face.

Piercing. Penetrating, as if he could see right into you…

May 23, 2011 7
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Finally,…Getting Sick in India

“Amoebic Dysentry”.

Sitting in Dr. Marwah’s office, a stone’s throw from the Dalai Lama’s estate I stared at the picture he drew before me This was my diagnosis. I had a parasite in me– no wonder I’d been feeling like I was eating for two people!

May 17, 2011 24
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