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Travel Insider: Where does all of India go to book cheap travel?

But what if you want to handle your bookings from home or in your hotel room at your PC’s convenience? You don’t need to take the 10,000 steps I took in 2008. Instead, just follow India…

September 9, 2011 4
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Dealing with Indian Money and the Torn Rupee

There are times dealing with currency in India made me want to bark and growl with feverish frustration. It’s urked me so much I decided doing a post might relieve me and toss a head’s up to fellow travelers.
Here are 3 annoying ways India deals with money…

September 5, 2011 7
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5 Travel Must Haves for Traveling to India

If anyone thinks tromping through India will be like traveling any other country, think again. Here are some things I found useful on my trip. Here are 5 Travel Must-Haves for India:

July 23, 2011 20
golden temple amritsar, golden temple amritsar facts
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Harmandir Sahib: Amritsar’s Golden Jewel (Video)

What would make a fearless warrior fall to his knees and drop his sword?

Love and God.

The Golden Temple (aka Harmandir Sahib) was my long-awaited India highlight…

July 7, 2011 4
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Love Letter #13: Silence

Dear Love,

Words and thoughts often get in the way of us achieving our greatest potential for awakening.

My destiny is out there. Occasionally when I travel, I catch wind of a resonant “feeling” that takes me to where I should be next. But then, outside thoughts enter the picture pushing me to define the why’s and exacting outlines of goals; and within an instant, I’ve thieved its potential for greatness.

My dream should be simpler.

What do I want to do next?

If there are no words, no thoughts but only feelings and impressions, I know the answer. Silence is hardly silent…

July 7, 2011 4
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Cock show at the India Pakistan Border Ceremony (Video)

Everyone was chest-to-back, but the boob-to-backing became inevitable. We were at the entrance of the [More…] India-Pakistan border crossing performance and everyone wanted in. In India, the only way to get in, is to push; not with hands, but with bodies.

July 4, 2011 5
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Love Letter #13: Where is Life in India?

Dear Love,

When I was at temple, I met a learned man who stopped and asked me, where I was going. He held out a notepad and asks me to tell him what I saw….

I read the line before me.

“Guru-ji, I hope I passed your test with my read,” I said with a wink.

July 2, 2011 2
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What to do in Amritsar in 48 hours

I was finally entering “India” again, after a month-long sojourn into a world of Himalayan calm, yoga and Tibetan Buddhism (Dharamsala hardly feels like India). Was I ready to free fall back into the masala mania?

While the traveler in me was excited to get back on the explorer’s road; the solo gal in me was dreading it. Having found roots for a month in my yoga-family coccoon, I wasn’t thrilled with going back to solo-roughing it.

June 29, 2011 4
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How to travel solo in India: Interview with Chiaki Nakashima

What does the idea of “a solo woman traveling in India” surface for you?

When I met Chiaki, we were both, waiting for the local bus to our yoga ashram. A Japanese waif of gentle yogic smiles, she challenged my notions about what it is to be a solo female traveler in India. Chiaki didn’t boast the extensive list of a world traveler nor was she avoiding the challenges of navigating the local terrain in the way a native would; yet, she was tackling India solo doing it in calm stride.

How the hell was she doing it?

June 26, 2011 11
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