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JSMP : 6 ways expats experience culture shock in Korea

Just when I think I’ve finally escaped my Korean Crud attacks and colds, there’s a new symptom in town… Okay, this is month #5 and I guess I can no longer call myself a “newbie” expat. This doesn’t mean I don’t experience moments when I feel like I’m still a beginner to life here. While I should be finding my teaching wheel and workload fairly greased as I’ve had a proper acclimation period, these days I actually find myself…

July 9, 2010 8
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Just Show Me Pictures! Expat mysteries and strange morning routines

My neighborhood has a lot of local flavor, which fuels my imagination and personal queries. Currently, there are 2 mystery people I come across each day.   Strange morning routines which you simply accept because you’re an expat in a foreign land Each morning, I hear a morning truck roll by with a loudspeaker recording, […]

July 9, 2010 0
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School Fire Drills, Wet Koreans & my Korean language class at the Daegu YMCA

Monday morning, after teaching my 2nd period class, our school had a fire drill. My 4th grade co-teacher, Jee Yeong and myself (both new to teaching at this school) had no idea what the fire procedure was. No one came in to get us or notify us that a fire drill was even in effect. In all probability, a Korean fire drill could very well be to sit in the classroom and slowly burn…

June 29, 2010 1
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Being a Vegetarian in Korea: The Costco Honeymoon begins… (Part III)

I take back what i said in my first Daegu Costco blog about it being “eh”. I’m glad I’m a Costco (pronounced: Co-su-tu-co for your cabbie) member! Why? Their stock of imported foods didn’t expand, new “tech toys” didn’t hit the shelves. As far as I’m concerned, Daegu Costco hasn’t changed since the last time I visited it. So what did?

June 24, 2010 9
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June Updates III: Summer, an Accidental tourist & the EPIK Farm Tour

Updates: Summer, Korea’s World Cup fans and the Accidental Tourist and the EPIK Farm Tour

June 22, 2010 6
korean sex
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Sex and the “Special” Korean: Top 5 Obstacles to Keep Koreans from having Sex

Last Thursday was the Sex and the City 2 premiere and what better excuse for us, expats to have a girl’s night out? It wasn’t only the opportunity to indulge in some fun sex-forward fluff, but the freedom to do it in the middle of Korea, where the subject of sex whispers of “taboo”. So what’s up with Sex and the Korean?

June 14, 2010 13
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June Updates II: Lee Myung Bak’s notorious nickname, World Cup in SK & Samsung ST500 update

Here we go on updates…If you’re an EFL teacher in Korea, you know who 2PM and 2AM are (both are favorite K-Pop boy bands that have the kids here swooning), but have you heard of 2MB?

June 14, 2010 1
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Getting to Seoul from Daegu

Transportation options if you’re going from Daegu to Seoul. What is the cheapest and most reliable method?

June 4, 2010 15
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Life in Korea | Will South Korea go to war, korean elections and Dancing Ladies

So I’m expanding my “Updates” section (initially just a paragraph) in this blog. Many small events and journal observations ranging from important to weird and funny, graze by on an ongoing basis. They make terrific one-offs and I realize they should be documented so that you get a better view of what I’m seeing or experiencing in Korea on a more casual basis.

June 2, 2010 2
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