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What is a Forest Walking Meditation in Muju?

What do you experience when you walk through the woods and must rely on the person in front of you and the vision presented before you in a tiny mirror, pointed up to the sky? What happens when you close your eyes and allow yourself to be guided by nature’s sounds?

The program on the Ayuveda Yoga Camp menu said Forest Walking Meditation. A walk through some woods in Muju, while observing nature in silence is all I could think of….

December 2, 2010 10
muju, forest meditation, yoga retreat korea
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Photo Essay: Nature walk in Muju

Muju, South Korea. Walking through a forest with the autumn leaves in fall and life transitions into hibernation, I walk in silence with my camera. Life is tinged with a quality of abandon and everywhere I look, I am reminded how man exerts boundaries on nature.

November 27, 2010 3
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Ayurveda Yoga Camp Muju‎: Opening Mats, Minds & Hearts

Sometimes, finding your guru can feel like a curse. Gurus are dangerous. The inevitable is bound to happen. The moment you develop a passionate preference for something– a gym, a dance or step aerobics class, a psychologist, a personal trainer…– it becomes a “guru”, making it hard to find room in your heart to follow another… Ayurveda Yoga Camp in Muju.

November 26, 2010 3

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