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Getting a Korean phone (when you don’t know the language)

When you’re new to a country, the last thing you want to deal with is extraneous stress and confusion with important things… like cellphones and phone plans. Still, when that one person whom you were told would help you set up the necessities of your brand new life, can’t lend simple advice or is reluctant to take any responsibility outside of work hours, what do you do? Whatever it takes.

April 18, 2010 8
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What to Bring if you’re moving to Korea… a Costco card!

Been having some difficulty with this post’s visibility so hopefully this has been corrected. .. Before I came to Korea, I scoured various online expat and info sources for advice as to “What to Bring if You’re Moving to Korea”. Frankly, these lists only helped mildly- when I arrived I was both, OVER & UNDER-prepared. In fact, the things you think Korea wouldn’t have, they do and if they do have it, it either takes a bit of a search to find or you pay a tad more for it than you normally would in the U.S. As a vegetarian undergoing culture shock, discovering CostCo was my personal god-send. Costco was a neutral nose zone for me with enough “American Costco” products and familiarity to make me feel a little “Home-Safe-Home”.

April 8, 2010 17
jinhae cherry blossom festival, cherry blossoms in korea
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Pink Snow at the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

Each spring, during the months of late Mar to early April, the town of Jinhae holds their annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

April 2, 2010 2
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Loving Hut: Finally, Love for Vegans & Vegetarians in Korea!

What does a vegetarian do when they find a vegan restaurant in Korea? (gasp!)

They fall to their knees and thank the Korean Christian god above- I have never been so grateful for a restaurant in my life! A block and a half away from Kyodae subway stop & the Daegu National Education University, there it stood- was my first vegan restaurant in Korea.

March 30, 2010 13
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Being Vegetarian in Korea: Weight-loss diets in Korea

I’m not sure how weight-loss works with Koreans, but let me shed some light on how it works with foreigners. During my orientation, two girls I knew claimed to drop pants sizes within their first week of arriving. Not possible, right? Not without some major medical operation… but feeling my pants hang off of my body last week at work, the word “belt” comes to mind.

March 25, 2010 9
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Being Vegetarian in Korea (Part I)

So how hard is it for a fun-loving vegetarian travel gal to acclimate to Korea? I’ll tell you- friggin hard! …

March 25, 2010 15
10 shocking facts about korean schools, teaching in korea, teaching for epik korea, teach in korea, taking a gap year, solo travel for women, gap year travel
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10 shocking facts about Korean schools

10 Things you didn’t know about Korean Public Schools – some of them will surprise you!

March 21, 2010 137
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My Letter Home: EPIK Teacher Orientation in Korea

Ever wondered what the Korean Public School System was like or the job of an English teacher who has just moved abroad for this job? Here’s a letter I wrote from orientation on the day before I left for my new location in Daegu:

March 21, 2010 8
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What is The Korean Crud?

1) Finally found western toilets (in the Grade 1-3 bldg behind our bldg)- it’s a bit of a walk and the toilet paper container is always empty; often you’ll see me – in bundled coat, scarf, Korean sandals- quickly shuffling between classes with a roll of t.p. under my armpit; 2) My CT and I aren’t “best-ies” as some other folk are with theirs; I’ll give it a bit more time before giving up; 3) How To Navigate Being a Vegetarian in Korea is my new formidable wall (and you will hear from me as quickly as I can say “starving”); 4) What is The Korean Crud?

March 14, 2010 17
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