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Getting my E-2 Korean Work Visa & a 6 Month Goal

Creating Travel Goals: Teaching English abroad, getting my E-2 work visa for Korea and making it a 6 month goal to live and work abroad.

January 25, 2010 10
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Should you take a Gap year: Teaching English in Korea (Part II)

How to spend your gap year abroad: gaining or losing a year. So it’s finally arrived- my work contract for South Korea! I’m booked to leave mid-February and this week I’ll be …

January 18, 2010 13
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GRRRL TRAVELER’s Travel Challenge #2: Becoming an Expat

My GRRRL Traveler Challenge #2 is here with a 3-day contest to find the next GRRRL Traveler Challenge. Finding the GRRR! to embark upon bold new adventures which remove us from trusted and worn paths, can feel both, terrifying and exhilarating.

December 6, 2009 4
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