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Photo Essay: A Teddy Bear Museum on Jeju Island?

At the Teddy Bear Museum on Jeju Island, the teddy bears do more than just sit in glass cases in wait of love. These teddies make art history, play out war enactments, they impersonate famous stars, such as Elvis and Marilyn, they depict Korean history and even act out scenes from popular movies, like Titanic.

March 19, 2012 28
How to Make your own Korean drama Tour, korean drama locations
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How to Make your own Korean drama Tour

Fortunately for avid K-drama fans, you don’t have to waddle up the steep cash for a tour guide. The Korean Tourism Organization helps Korean drama addicts connect to the film locations of their favorite show.

February 17, 2011 15
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How many travel love letters will you write?

I said 2011 would be my year to ‘experience love’.
Love comes through many doors, inspiring our creativity and playful curiosity of life. For a traveler, love portals can be opened through countries we immediately fall in love or find rocky romances with, the odd kitsch souvenirs we uncover wandering through an offbeat alleyway of shops, the comforting and trusted smiles we find after a long day of haggling…

If the door is wide open and we’re curious, love rushes in.

January 15, 2011 5
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Jeju Island: Seeing Udo Island from a Scooter

Udo Island is exactly what I thought Jeju should be– a small island swaying with a warm and tranquil vibe, the crisp mixed scent of island farming and seaweed, black rock beaches and gentle livestock grazing alongside small country roads. Best of all, it could be done solo and by scooter! But did I know this beforehand? No.

After a 3 hour bus ride, I arrived at Udo Island via ferry at around 4:10P…the last ferry leaving Udo Island was at 5:30P. Call me foolhardy but if I spend hours on a bus just to get to a location, I’ll be damned if I leave without seeing it! So there I was with a little over an hour to explore the island.

November 20, 2010 14
Jeju island gimnyeong maze park, jeju maze park, jeju island attractions, things to do on jeju island
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Lost in Jeju Island’s Gimnyeong Maze Park

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be lost in a maze? Mazes have always seemed to be the stuff of minotaur myths. They were something I’d only seen on TV in period dramas and movies like Harry Potter or The Shining. Finally, on Jeju Island, here was my chance to see one.

Sometimes, Jeju can feel a bit random with the variety of theme parks they have. What’s great about this is that the ideas are well-executed and steeped with a kind of off-the-wall self-humor.

November 20, 2010 9
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Jeju Island’s Loveland Exposes Naughty Fun in Korean Sex

Occasionally, Koreans can surprise you. A couple of month ago, it was a mystery to me as to where all the sexual naughtiness in conservative Korea was hidden. Now, standing before the un-pearly gates of Loveland…

October 28, 2010 16
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Jeju Haeneyo: the Last Generations of Korean Mermaids

What do the Lockness Monster, the Yeti and the Korean Mermaids of Jeju Island have in common? Well, they all feel like phenomenal legends to me on some level, with one exception– the Korean Mermaids aren’t myths but real people. What is a Korean Mermaid?…

October 21, 2010 16
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Jeju’s Olle Trails: Reading its secret Love Letters

Jeju Island’s Olle Trails aren’t exactly a hidden secret, but for the western traveler it may as well be. With rival sights such as the Manggual caves, Mt. Halla, Loveland, golf parks, theme parks, etc… Olle trails aren’t one of Jeju’s biggest or loudest boasts. It should be…

Have you ever found a secret love letter? That’s how it felt when I discovered an Olle Trail. I stumbled upon a trail by accident when I was searching for haeneyo, and a love story opened before me.

October 16, 2010 17
map of Jeju island, jeju island sightseeing map, what to do in jeju island
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Top 8 Things to Do on Jeju Island

Jeju Island is touted as the Korean Hawaii (and the honeymooning capital of Korea) and being a Hawaii native, I’d say it’s in the running realm of consideration. A tropical climate, beaches, inactive volcanoes and a little bit of a laid back way (compared to mainland Korea), Jeju presents the island way…Korean style.

September 30, 2010 30
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