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Korean Love Motels: Suncheon & Korean Porn

So it was another weekend romp in Korea with my travel BFF, Chance, my new (but used) Canon 550D and part 2 of the Korean Love Motel Tour. Again. Why? Why not?! On our way back from a misty day at Boesang Tea Fields and a relaxing green tea saltwater spa treatment at Yulpo, we decided to stopover in Suncheon for the nite. I had read there’d be many accommodations to choose from in Suncheon– from [More…] hostels, to jjimjilbangs, hotels and love motels. Of course, if you’re like me, you gravitate towards the more marginal experiences…

October 4, 2010 12
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10 Photo Memories of Suncheon Bay

I saw a framed photo of Suncheon Bay while on my love motel tour and as far as I was concerned it was fascination at first sight! Visiting the bay the next day was my itinerary! Of course the following day, we spent half our time confused by bus routes and directions; hence ensuring it was the “only” thing on our itinerary.

October 3, 2010 4
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Korean Bath Culture and Yulpo Green Tea Spa

Yulpo Beach is about 10-minute bus ride from the tea plantations, which makes it great for a stopover. Many guesthouses overlook Yulpo Beach, but I didn’t really want to stay at a minbak. The weather was a dreary, overcast and the quiet town didn’t welcome much life. Summer resort season in Yulpo had long ended and the nearby water theme park was as dried up as the town’s streets. An eerie calm and the instinct of rotting corpse of fish was in the vibe. Seaside towns make me nervous when they get like this.

September 23, 2010 5
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How to get to Boseong Green Tea Fields (from Daegu, Gwangju, Suncheon)

Getting to Boseong Tea Plantation from Daegu, Gwangju or Suncheon

September 22, 2010 25
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4 Tea-Inspired Tips for Weary Travelers

Raining. I waited the summer to see Boseong Tea Fields’ tea-inspired glory and what happened when I finally got there?… It rained. I rattled off some quick shots before the downpour of rain, snuck in some quality tea-bathing time (I’ll talk about it in my next blog) and came up with 4 great nokcha- inspired travel reflections, which I will list here!

September 21, 2010 9
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Photo Essay: Boseong Tea Fields on a Rainy Day

Photos: Boseong Tea Plantation on a Rainy Day

September 21, 2010 0
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Travel and Art Jeonju: The Love I let get away…

I seldom seek regret when it comes to the cities I’ve chosen to live in, except for now… It’s no secret that I’ve been making every effort to travel on the weekends. Aside from my inexpressible gasping-for-air-need to get out of Daegu, brought on by the culture shock I underwent my first months here, I actually think Daegu is-

July 13, 2010 16
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Bewitched by the Seonyudo Islands

Just off of Gunsan (a port city in the Jeolla-buk region), you’ll find the Seonyudo Islands, a popular tourist spot and a cute chain of some 20 islands. It’s name means “islands so beautiful that God admires it”, and this in the summer’s morning mist at first glance, seems like it would be true. But maybe I just wasn’t doing it right…

July 10, 2010 8
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Korean Love Motels: Jeonju to Gunsan (Digs & Dives )

Without further ado, I’ll introduce some of the digs and dives from our Korean Love Motel Tour. Apologies in advance for the shoddy photos. Much of my instances were low-lit/dark and I wanted to be quick in taking them (guess the only real shady thing about the love motels was me!). Here’s a brief look at some gems we found:

July 2, 2010 8
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