10 Things to know before you go to Kathmandu, Kathmandu travel guide
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10 Things to know before you go to Kathmandu

Today the weather was not great. I got caught in a downpour and for a while, this held up business all around Thamel but it didn’t keep me from walking around. This led to ten observations about Thamel and the Nepali culture.

September 28, 2008 0
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Namaste Nepal! I might just like you.

  Arriving in Kathmandu airport, it’s all about filling in forms for immigration and paying a fee for an on-arrival visa.  I collect my bags and my hotel has sent a 4WD truck to pick me up. You would not BELIEVE the size of potholes in the streets! I’m staying at a hotel that’s a […]

September 27, 2008 0
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Finding your OM at Hotel Vajra in Kathmandu

Kathmandu: Hotel Vajra review

September 27, 2008 0
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