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Getting my hair done at the Korean beauty salon

Koreans are the best dressed and groomed people in the world. Without a doubt.

A high maintenance looks-oriented society, you’ll find the men, women, teens and toddlers are all stylish, made up, manicured… not a hair out of place. Here, plastic surgery is as common as going to the dentist. Clothes shopping is a popular pasttime for men and women, alike. Guys are tailored to look like like K-pop stars, as women wear short skirts and balance on stilted toothpicks. Toddlers get perms and manicures and children are dressed as if they came out of fashion pages.

January 21, 2011 52
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8 Ways to Stay Warm during Winter in Korea

It’s been said that this is the worst winter Korea has ever seen. It sure feels like it. It’s so cold that the concrete at my work desk provides regular AC breezes through the soles of my shoes and to my feet. Not kidding. During the winter you’ve got to find ways to keep warm.

Here are 8 ways that I fend off winter chill (as well as, a few other K-bloggers):

January 18, 2011 48
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2011 GRRRL’s mom, my solo travel fears and the mystery I’ll be!

Annyeong 2011! Time is flying and it’s taking a jet.

Writing Home for the Holidays: GRRRL TRAVELER’s blogging mom

It was a winter white holiday for us in Korea and this year, while I abroad, I didn’t have to write home. Instead, my mom, the real family blogger, did it for me!

With my mother in town for two weeks, she battled the ups of sightseeing, desk-warming, seeing snow fall for the first time,… with the downs of first time solo travel and winter health. …

January 17, 2011 1
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How many travel love letters will you write?

I said 2011 would be my year to ‘experience love’.
Love comes through many doors, inspiring our creativity and playful curiosity of life. For a traveler, love portals can be opened through countries we immediately fall in love or find rocky romances with, the odd kitsch souvenirs we uncover wandering through an offbeat alleyway of shops, the comforting and trusted smiles we find after a long day of haggling…

If the door is wide open and we’re curious, love rushes in.

January 15, 2011 5
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5 Things Working at MTV taught me about teaching ESL

I used to work for MTV producing teen reality shows. What did it teach me about teaching ESL?

January 11, 2011 15
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5 Ways to Trust Yourself as a Traveler (Expat Review)

All artists have a vision of their creation before putting chisel to stone or paintbrush to canvas. At times, the vision is complete; other times, it’s a vague vision with a powerful calling to step into your dream and trust.

Rounding up 2010
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”
– Lao Tzu

January 6, 2011 4
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Teach English in Korea (Part II: EPIK vs Hagwons)

If you ask most people why they were drawn to Korea, the very first answer you’d commonly hear is– the benefits. Korea has by far, the best package out there. Along the way, you discover the experience itself is so much more, but before I get into that, here you go~

January 2, 2011 29
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5 Tips to Celebrating the Holidays Abroad

4 Tips to Celebrating the Holidays Abroad:
So how do expats and travelers recreate their own holiday traditions abroad? Here are some ideas…
1) Hold loose expectations

Not all countries celebrate the holidays to the extent we do in the western world and a country’s lifestyle and cultural gap may make it broader. Most of Asia, for instance, celebrates their New Year in February using the lunar calendar and Christmas is usually celebrated in countries where Christianity is present.

December 30, 2010 8
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Finding Home for the Holidays: Where will you Ring in the New Year?

In a few days, fireworks will light the sky and party blowers will sound in the western world- Welcome to 2011! Even travel sites are abuzz with Top 10 lists of Hot New Years Eve Destinations (aren’t fireworks sorta the same anywhere you go?). Meanwhile a week ago, my travel clock was ticking and my small life abroad in Korea was in a conundrum over inflating costs of holiday travel and the global list of options. Panic. Oh my God, where to be on New Years Eve?

December 27, 2010 6
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