river kwai jungle rafts lanterns
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VIDEO: River Kwai Jungle Rafts floating hotel, elephants and Mon village

If this video isn’t playing, you can watch it here: http://youtu.be/cOm3k1l5vPM Imagine someone says you’re going to stay on a “floatel” for the next two nights. What would you think? I had no clue.  But I love surprises and experiencing things for the first time.  I appreciate being whisked off to some place I’ve never

August 22, 2013 4
damnoen saduak floating market bangkok, popular floating markets in thailand, famous floating markets in thailand, thailand attractions
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Getting to the Floating Market of Damnoen Saduak

I had never been to a floating market before. It was my first solo trip to Thailand and the notion seeing river houses raised on stilts and farmers selling their

August 12, 2013 24
video of kanchanaburi thai burma railway
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VIDEO: Riding Kanchanaburi’s Thai-Burma Railway (aka The Death Railway)

Watch a GRRRL’s Video Tour of Riding on Kanchanaburi’s Thai-Burma Railway or the Death Railway Riding Kanchanaburi’s Thai-Burma Railway (aka the Death Railway, which sounds more dramatic ), you feel like you should reflect on the harrowing history of Japan’s 1941

August 7, 2013 1
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Visiting Kanchanaburi : Death Railway, River hotels and Waterfalls

Visiting Kanchanaburi : Death Railway, River hotels and Waterfalls   I didn’t know much about Kanchanaburi.  I thought it was mostly rural and made up of farmland. I thought, eh, if I skipped this place I wouldn’t be missing out. I was so wrong. As part of my DIA conference, a few travel bloggers (listed […]

August 5, 2013 19
maeklong train market thailand, getting to maeklong train market
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A trip to Maeklong’s crazy Railway Market (or Umbrella Pulldown Market)

You went to the Crazy Train Market in Maeklong? My guesthouse manager laughed, with a cackle. We Thai, know it as “crazy train market” or “Umbrella Pulldown Market”, because when the train comes, the market people pull down their umbrellas. Known as Talad Rom Hoop in Thai,  the Maeklong Railway Market seems to go under many […]

August 2, 2013 18
amari watergate bangkok hotel review, amari watergate hotel video
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Amari Watergate Hotel : A High in Bangkok hospitality

Ten minutes later, I arrived at Amari hotel. The exterior didn’t look impressive, but once you step inside, it opens to something nicer. We whizzed past lobby registration and went straight to the elevators. Not the usual route for a hotel check-in. Mark pushed the elevator button… 32nd floor.

July 19, 2013 6
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VIDEO: Eating bugs in Thailand

“Go ahead honey, be a good girl/boy and eat your bugs. ” This something you could be telling your child some day and if you do, you’d not be alone. Over 2 billion people in the world supplement their diets with … you guessed it,.. bugs!

June 4, 2013 5
filming in hong kong macau
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VIDEO: A Tour of Film Sets Around the World

Do you have a penchant for attracting certain situations or people when you travel? Travel can bring unusual patterns,  synchronicity and personal discoveries. The fact we’re often far from home, just makes them more prominent. For instance, I’m a film set magnet. In the U.S., I have a knack for stumbling upon film sets… frequently […]

April 24, 2013 0
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Abducted by a Monk in Thailand

I have a fascination with Buddhist monks.

India and Southeast Asia are rife with them.

Maybe it’s the shaved heads, robes, spiritual aspiration and ascetic lifestyle. Whether they’re wearing a Tibetan crimson or Theravada orange and brown, whenever I see a monk, my eyes zero in with intent focus as if they’re human puzzle pieces, walking on a waft of incense.

February 4, 2013 20
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