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Solo Thailand: Learning to Ride a Motorbike for the first time

My first attempt at mastering “alone in a developing country”, was my greatest achievement in the past year! And of my many travel highlights on this journey, learning to ride a motorbike was one of them…

August 3, 2010 11
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The Good, the Bad & the Inevitable of a Beginner Solo Traveler

A summary of the good, bad and inevitable of a beginner solo traveler and leaks of my upcoming Grrrl Traveler challenge.

November 29, 2009 10
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Solo Travel for Women: How to Hurdle your Fears of Traveling Alone

There are two fears to my becoming a first time female solo traveler. Unless I find a way to deal with these saboteurs, my solo travel plans are still-born and I will not clear my hurdle.

October 28, 2009 6
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GRRRL TRAVELER’s Challenge #1: Being a Solo Traveler

How to become a solo traveler and hurdle your first time fears

October 27, 2009 5
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