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Unforgettable Sapa: Trekking & Hmong Hill Tribes (Sapa trekking tour: Day 2)

There must be a mistake, I thought. I went to the front desk of Emotion Hotel (aka Trekker’s Central) and asked why I would have another overnight stay in Sapa. While I really enjoyed Sapa, I was eager to experience the trekker’s high and unadulterated mountain-village life…

September 6, 2010 10
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World’s Worst Toilets: #2 Roadside Relief in Sapa (Vietnam)

On my trekking tour, I wanted to take a pee break before we entered the gulf of the valley and into bush squatting territory. My guide Kuh, led us to this local roadside rest stop where we could relieve ourselves and maybe pick up a snack for the long haul. There was a low cost admission price to use this

September 6, 2010 2
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Fear Factor Foods Vietnam: Sapa Market & Hilltribes

Not far from my hotel, where D Phan Si Road off-shoots onto a smaller street, D Tue Tinh, you’ll find Sapa market. It’s a local market of tobacco, produce and meat and a bit of a spectacle for unsuspecting tourists, as you’ll be able to get a glimpse of the local delicacies that tempt the village palate. For vegans and vegetarians, you may not want to enter the meat section– it can feel pretty hardcore

September 5, 2010 0
cat cat village
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Trekking a touristy Cat Cat Village | Sapa Vietnam Trekking: Day 1

Photos & videos of My trek to Cat Cat Village & Sapa Market. I bet I’ll make your jaw drop…

September 4, 2010 5
hanoi, vietnamese water puppet dolls
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Hanoi, forgotten and the sleeper train to Sapa Valley

My flight was only 20 minutes late, but the $8 Vietnam Airlines airport shuttle took over an hour. Here, reputable businesses are often replicated by scam businesses scouring ways to scoop clients by holding plagiarized signs. It was hard to trust I was boarding the correct shuttle van at the airport. Anyways, once in the Old Quarter in Hanoi, I’d board my trekking tour for Sapa! Night train to Sapa…oh, yeah! I was very excited.

September 2, 2010 8
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Floating markets and traffic on the Mekong Delta

By 10AM, we were at the Cai Rang Floating Marketplace (open 5A-11A), one of the most heralded markets in the Delta region. Boat traffic. Murky waters. The activities of boats and local merchants, selling produce was already underway. [More…]

August 31, 2010 6
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World’s Worst Toilets #1: Ancient Outhouse Squatter at the Mekong Delta (Vietnam)

Found this in the Mekong Delta region in Vietnam at a rice paper factory.
Did I have to use this? Thank God, no and fortunately, the western toilet with bedee has been introduced to Vietnam. But this is what was once used in the community. You wonder why the biodiversity in the Mekong River is so rich and why the fish there are said to grow big…

August 29, 2010 7
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Rice is Life on the Mekong Delta (Part II: Vinh Long, Can Tho)

Rice- the staple of the Asian meal. Ask any Asian and they’ll tell you, meals are never complete without it. Being part Japanese-Hawaiian, I was raised with rice on my dinner as the staple, over bread, potatoes and pasta. In Korea, it’s always on my school lunch tray and in Vietnam, well…

August 28, 2010 1
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A tour of the Mekong Delta (Part I)

I did a 2 day-1 night tour of the Mekong Delta with Delta Adventures… $19! (couldn’t you just cry?) No shocking travel stories or freakouts, all went smooth. When you’re on a tour, everything is controlled by the itinerary. If you’re like me, the only thing you’ll wrestle with that an itinerary doesn’t always allow as much free time to explore a place a bit as you’d like. And with life in the Delta revolving around rice, river channels and river commerce, you’d need time to see what makes these people tick! …if you were me.

August 28, 2010 6
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