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Photo Essay: Saigon’s Photogenic Nights

HCMC is beautiful at night and can be very photogenic. Everything is either lit with a neon glow or fine with being shrouded in darkness. The Vietnamese don’t mind… it’s all good. It’s like mood lighting…

August 26, 2010 4
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How to cross a street in Vietnam… and survive!

From an outsiders perspective, a Vietnamese road has little rules. Traffic in Vietnam is hairy; a tangled and endless streamed mess of motorbikes, an occasional man-drawn cart, some cars and trucks and more motorbikes. Fear not, there’s a method to the madness of these streets…

August 26, 2010 1
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Motorcycle mayhem in Saigon City

Just how crazy is motorcycle culture in HCMC? It’s insane! In HCMC the two-wheeled chariot populates roughly 90% of the roadway (highways included). Thus, the Vietnamese are as comfortable on their motorbikes, the way L.A. folks are in their cars. In fact, the motorbike is the family station wagon in Vietnam. Motorcycle garages …

August 25, 2010 3
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Xin Chao, Saigon! You remind me of Korea.

Vietnamese motorbikes here aren’t loud, but several of them ripping through the streets in evenly-paced intervals, can equivocate a handful of Harleys. A motor stampede. I awoke from my sleep because my cavernous room echoed thunderous vibrations. That’s what you get from a room with a front row seat…

August 23, 2010 7
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Hello Vietnam! What? You cancelled my room reservation?!

“Do you know that Vietnam is a Communist country?” my mom added before parting on Skype. Timing. She’s like that. This is my second big solo trip to a developing country, she’s concerned for my safety and her method of care is to instill fear, rather than courage… at the last moment.

August 21, 2010 8
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How to Find Great Budget Tours in Vietnam (and not get ripped off!)

For the female solo traveler, Vietnam shouldn’t be an intimidating or scary country to travel. Commuting between main cities is easy and cheap via public transportation. And if it’s an attraction, you can bet there’s a budget tour for it, as tour operators are everywhere, vying for your business and ready to assist your travel needs.

August 21, 2010 48
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