how to dress a monk, buddhist monk clothes, how to tie a lungi, how to wear a sari
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VIDEO: How to Wrap a Sari and Lungi

Buddhist monks are a prominent part of Southeast Asia culture.  You can’t go very far without seeing an orange, yellow or red

June 24, 2014 6
bali travel guide, things to Do ubud, ubud travel guide
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Bali Travel Tips: Things to Do, Eat, See, Love Ubud

Ubud. It’s got a laid back yoga-hippie sway, international and vegetarian restaurants up the wazzoo and even a Starbucks!  Ubud (pronounced Oo-bud) doesn’t really feel Balinese at times, but a fusion of Balinese culture and yogic expat living.

June 11, 2014 12
korean apartment tour, teach in korea, epik apartment korea
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VIDEO: My Korean Apartment Tour |Teach in Korea EPIK

So this is a late entry by far. I’ve written a post on my apartment but for a while, I’ve held onto old footage of the day I arrived at my apartment in Daegu. The footage nagged at me throughout the years. In some ways, it even haunted.

May 23, 2014 4
visit tampaksiring, visit tirtu empul temple bali
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Top 10 sights to inspire your next trip to Bali

If you can’t decide whether you love the beach, mountains,  or countryside, etc… Bali serves up a photogenic feast for you to explore. From natural beauty to cultural traditions and spiritual sights, it will capture you with breath-taking and exotic sights.  You’ve never seen

May 7, 2014 21
epik vs hagwon, teach in korea, teach overseas, teach abroad programs,
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Teaching in Korea: EPIK vs a hagwon, which is better?

Watch more videos on Teaching in Korea here . Teaching overseas takes courage. It’s not easy to take a blind leap to teach in a country you know little about, without out knowing factors of how or where you’ll live or what the work environment will be like.  With any country and no matter how […]

April 21, 2014 21
Cool things to buy in korea, things to buy in korea
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A Guide to Cool “Korean” Things to Buy in Korea

  What souvenirs should you buy on your trip to Korea?  A while ago, I wrote a post on my top 5 favorite Korean souvenir gifts and they still hold true to today, with a few additions. Korea has a lot of cool things to buy. But sometimes it’s hard telling the difference between what’s “Korean” and […]

April 9, 2014 20
travel suwon, suwon tourism, travel korea
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Travel Guide Korea: What to do in Suwon in 48 hours

When I stepped outside the Suwon Station, my eyes grew wide, astonished. Suwon was a sprawling mecca of buses going here, there and everywhere!  It was a much larger city than I thought and it presented quite an itinerary for

April 4, 2014 4
top 5 budget places in China, china tourism, china travel, travelling china
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Top 5 Budget Places in China

  I’d like to dedicate my first guest post to all of you, who are budget planning that exotic trip to China and would love some insider tips on where to start. Agness Walewinder both, lives and teaches in China and will be your local budget travel insider, showing you what could be your next […]

March 16, 2014 4
balinese coffee, kopi luwak, expensive coffee in bali, expensive poop coffee
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Would you buy Bali’s most expensive drinkable poop?

Civet Coffee: Would you buy Bali’s most expensive drinkable poop? When I think of coffee, Indonesia doesn’t generally come to mind. Images of surfing,  temples, beaches, rice fields and forests all surface… but not coffee.  Not until now, as  I’ve just learned that Indonesia has the stamp on one of the

March 3, 2014 23

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