Ultimate Travel Guide Santorini , travel guide santorini
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Ultimate Travel Guide Santorini | Things to Do in Santorini

. While my time in historical Athens and mystical Meteora were divine, my arrival into romantic Santorini I started off on the wrong foot. However, there’s a blessing in having unexpected roommates when you travel, even if you’re forced to share beds with them! The notion of getting around a place can occasionally feel like a challenge. With Santorini, it wasn’t […]

May 29, 2015 2
THings to Know Before you Go to Meteora, visit meteora
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Things to Know Before you Go to Meteora | Greece

Metcora is one of those top jaw-dropping sites I’m glad I visited.  For me, it’s right up there with the first time my mouth went agape stepping foot off the plane into Ladakh or when I saw entered Hong Kong‘s night only to witness  a endless paths of apartment light leading straight to the heavens . Jaw… drop…ping is the only […]

March 11, 2015 12
Travel Bloggers
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Santorini Museum Spa Hotel Review: Our accidental blog house in Greece

Real World Santorini : The blog house . Can a honeymoon in Santorini exist for solo travelers? Due to the fact I’m both, blogging and YouTubing, the responsibilities of “traveling as a travel

March 8, 2015 19
meteora rock
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Mystical Meteora: Greece’s secret alien site

 The sharp karst rocks jut sharply into the sky, reaching for the heavens.  It was if Halong Bay had grown soil and vegetation in the place of water. Some rocks held tiny monasteries perched at the isolating tip. Unfathomable. It was

March 5, 2015 20
alsos house meteora, meteora accommodations
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Alsos House: A cozy stay in Kalampaka, Meteora

When I searched Meteora for accommodations there seemed to be a wealth of guesthouses, hotels and camping grounds (yes, camping grounds!).    After coming from a snazzy shared AirBnB apartment and a funky youth hostel

March 5, 2015 3
10 Greek Food Faves, greek breakfast, top greek foods, favorite greek foods
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14 Must Try Greek Foods in Athens

11 Greek Food Favorites: Watch the video for more food images! . When I first arrived in Greece, I didn’t know I might have difficulty eating as a vegetarian. The Greeks however, love their fish and cured and smoked  meats, so as a vegetarian my options felt slim.

February 28, 2015 1
23 Best things to Do Athens, athens travel guide, top attractions of greece, top attractions of athens
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23 Best Things to Do Athens, Greece | Athens Travel Guide

“I never wanted to go to Athens, I always thought it was a dirty city,”  the Spanish girl said to me in the crowded airport shuttle, as we all introduced the last country we came from.

February 20, 2015 13
naxos island greece
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Things to Know about Greek Island Hopping: Ferry from Athens to Santorini

Things to Know about Greek Island Hopping:  Ferry from Athens to Santorini . Before I left for Greece, I researched what island stops were on my route to Santorini. I wanted to know whether I might want to island hop and how feasible it was to do so on one ferry ticket?  That answer must’ve

February 16, 2015 5
spanakopita, greek spinach pie, greek street food, street foods greece
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(Video) Spanakopita |Greek Spinach Pie | Street Eats #Greece

When you first arrive into a country and you don’t know what to eat, sometimes, it’s easier to start with street and bakery foods. At least, that’s the way I approach it until I get a better idea of what the country’s food entails.  That’s my toe-dipping

January 30, 2015 1
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