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Kanyakumari Travel Guide: Things to Do and Eat at the southernmost tip of India?!

Have you ever been to the southernmost tip of India? I have.

It’s where Gandhi’s ashes were released. It’s where the Indian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea swap tides. It’s got a huge statue of a famous poet.


July 23, 2012 10
10 things to know about staying at an indian ashram, sivananda ashram campus, ashrams in india
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Eat, Pray, Love… 10 Things to Know about Staying at an Indian ashram?

At 6 AM. the morning fog was lifting off the lake. Devotional music poured joyously over the loudspeaker of a neighboring temple and echoed eerily, as fly-by birds bore life to the serene setting. Sitting in silence I felt the sun spreading it’s rays across my body with an exquisite orange and gold. I inhaled….OM.

June 2, 2011 53
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Visiting a local Indian theater in Gokarna

I’d spent the day circling the off-beat town of Gokarna, following the worn path of a merry-go-round. Boredom was closing in, threatening to seal me in like a concrete tomb. What to do when the town’s temples are closed to foreigners and you’re not into beaches?

Enter Gokarna’s local community theater…

May 7, 2011 11
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Gokarna Travel Guide

Dear Love,

“Life is a stage”… so the saying goes. But when does the rehearsal end and the real show begin?

Who am I today? Heroine, damsel in distress, drifting gypsy, lost soul or adventurous pioneer?

Traveling in India, I witness many stories unfolding around me. Various characters and scenarios emerge. Some cross my path weaving me into their story– as if I’m a silent destination along their journey. Others, pass by with an air of chaotic brevity, barely skimming my body by a hair’s touch. All part of my story; part of my theater.

April 28, 2011 7
Hampi Travel Guide, Virupaksha Temple, hampi ruins india, hampi unesco ruins
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Hampi Travel Guide | Hampi Ruins

Dear Love,

In India, there are temples dedicated to Hanuman- the Monkey God- a revered symbol of great strength, perseverance and devotion. The perfect soldier. Thus, some of the monkey temples in India occasionally shelter resident monkeys within it’s hallowed walls.

But in reality, monkeys can be cunning animals, rascal tricksters and in India, often scoundrel thieves!

April 5, 2011 5
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