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Ladakh: 8 Incredible Places to Experience Heaven

Ladakh Guide: 8 Incredible Places to Experience Heaven As I said earlier, Ladakh is the most beautiful place I’ve seen.  Surreal, mystical, magnetic. The beauty of this land is almost alien to me. It certainly can’t exist on earth. I could stare at it all day. But what places should you visit to keep that experiencing […]

October 13, 2013 4
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Ladkh Guide: Mapping out Old Leh

Straggly is the flavor of Leh. Leh isn’t dirty, but somehow, it looks it. It’s got a bit of a Wild Wild West presence about it. A scruffy town with a dusty main street, some souvenir shops, tourist agencies and

October 11, 2013 2
thiksey monastery
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Thiksey Monastery | A day trip from Leh on a local bus

Thiksey Monastery or Thikse Gompa is 19 km from Leh and is one of the biggest and most photographed monasteries of Ladakh, India. Given photos I’d seen of it, I wanted to see how impressive it might be up close. It didn’t disappoint.

October 8, 2013 10
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Ladakh Guide | Behold, Ladakh, the Most Beautiful place in the world!

  It was hard to imagine I was still in India… As the rest of India spat and sweltered entering June’s summer sweat, Ladakh pulled out its winter parkas to bundle up from the cold. Stepping off the

October 3, 2013 23
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World’s Worst Toilet #9: Which would you prefer- Western or Asian?

If you’re a Westerner, sometimes the last thing you want to have to use is an Asian squat toilet.

…Unless the squat toilet is actually cleaner.

July 4, 2012 19
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World’s Worst Toilets: #4 The “Company Toilet” (Ladkh, India)

I was sightseeing the town of Leh, when the urge hit. I had to pee.

Don’t you just hate when the perculating pee pot hits full when you’re on the road with nowhere to go…? Well, maybe not nowhere…

June 19, 2011 11
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