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9 Reasons Why You’ll Love Moroccan Culture

Thought I’d share some of the things I learned about Moroccan culture. They’re really some random facts I picked up from my guide at the time and it’s helped shape my appreciation for the culture and lifestyle.

January 4, 2012 10
Fez Markets
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10 Reasons You Must See Fez

There’s a secret to Morocco and I’m convinced it speaks through its spices! From scented oils, city-wide prayer calls and intricate Arabic/Berber craft work designs to maze-like streets bustling with the traffic of crowded souks and taxi-ing donkeys,..

December 31, 2011 14
moroccan tanneries
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VIDEO: Moroccan Tanneries in Fez and the Unheavenly Scent

When in a medieval city like Old Fez, one of my “must-dos” was to take a tour of a Moroccan tannery. Guide books will be-cry the relationship between the tanneries and “its smell” as a forewarning…

July 27, 2009 6
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Getting an illegal guide and Mendhi in Fez

When in Morocco, why not try mendhi?

June 5, 2009 1
marrakech mosque
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VIDEO: Prayer Calls in Morocco

First Impressions- Morocco: Fez at night, lost baggage, finding your way through illegal guides and prayer calls.

June 3, 2009 0
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Dar Seffarine: Staying in a Moroccan Riad in Fez

The Dar Seffarine. What was it like to stay at a Moroccan riad?

June 2, 2009 0
RCIF in Fez
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Fez, lost luggage and finding our way through one simple word

Why get frazzled when things don’t meet your pre-planned expectations? Take for instance, having your baggage not arrive with you on the flight over to Morocco!

June 2, 2009 0
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