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Vaginal facials: Hip or Hype at Seoul’s Dragon Hill Spa?

On my return to Seoul, there was one “luxury” jjimjilbang I’d heard hype about. Dragon Hill Spa has been raved about by CNN.com, The New York Times and bloggers being one of the deluxe spas in Seoul, where celebrities frequent and TV broadcasts like Yoo Jae Suk’s show, Happy Together (I think), occasionally film. It was a spot I’d been dying to try.

February 10, 2012 22
Fez Markets
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10 Reasons You Must See Fez

There’s a secret to Morocco and I’m convinced it speaks through its spices! From scented oils, city-wide prayer calls and intricate Arabic/Berber craft work designs to maze-like streets bustling with the traffic of crowded souks and taxi-ing donkeys,..

December 31, 2011 14
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Do Bollywood Stars Haggle in India?

The vibe in the Indo-Himalayan air of Dharamsala was electric.

Walking back from the Dalai Lama’s temple, a large crowd was gathered around a local shop. Cellphone cameras were out clicking, digital cameras flashing… people were jumping up up to tip-toes to get a better view.

Could it be… the Dalai Lama?

April 9, 2011 7
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Getting my hair done at the Korean beauty salon

Koreans are the best dressed and groomed people in the world. Without a doubt.

A high maintenance looks-oriented society, you’ll find the men, women, teens and toddlers are all stylish, made up, manicured… not a hair out of place. Here, plastic surgery is as common as going to the dentist. Clothes shopping is a popular pasttime for men and women, alike. Guys are tailored to look like like K-pop stars, as women wear short skirts and balance on stilted toothpicks. Toddlers get perms and manicures and children are dressed as if they came out of fashion pages.

January 21, 2011 52
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Chocksan Spa: Naked in a Mineral Bath at Mt Seoraksan

We arrived in Sochko at Chocksan Spa around 11PM. The spa had already closed, so we checked into our room. A small room, there was no traditional bed (well no, let me take that back)…there was a traditional yo (a Korean floor bed, where comforters are put down for padding), and just enough floorspace for a five-person squeeze. The room was well-sized for either the standard four-person Korean family or a midget. We got a coffee table with a hotpot, some cups and a hotel refrigerator stocked with items “for purchase”. While the latter is common to hotels in the

November 7, 2010 5
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Korean Bath Culture and Yulpo Green Tea Spa

Yulpo Beach is about 10-minute bus ride from the tea plantations, which makes it great for a stopover. Many guesthouses overlook Yulpo Beach, but I didn’t really want to stay at a minbak. The weather was a dreary, overcast and the quiet town didn’t welcome much life. Summer resort season in Yulpo had long ended and the nearby water theme park was as dried up as the town’s streets. An eerie calm and the instinct of rotting corpse of fish was in the vibe. Seaside towns make me nervous when they get like this.

September 23, 2010 5
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Dashing Diva: Foot-friendly nail salons in Seoul

As a traveler trekking all around on foot, there are times you get to feeling like a bit of a rag doll Cinderella. If you’re like me and possess backpacker-explorer mentality, you’re on your tootsies from sunrise to midnight. Your feet probably wears some serious Grrr and looks like it to!

May 30, 2010 18
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My Top 5 International Dance Companies

I’m going to talk about something I have a passion for and I still consider it travel… DANCE! Sometimes, I wonder if dancers don’t make the best travelers… Their home is the stage, the bar or the body… there is no color or country…

February 17, 2010 1
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New York Fashion Week ’09: GREEN fashion

Designers, fashionistas, models, wannabes … and me. Sometimes finding your GRRR in traveling simply requires finding the energy and means to attend some of the more highly-publicized (and velvet-roped) events in your city.

September 29, 2009 0
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