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Traveling Rites of U.S. Passport Renewals

So my renewed passport cost $75. It arrived last week and the color of my cheeks are changing back to rosy- Guatemala, here I come! This summer I’ve felt a little glum from the combo of the recession’s impact on my work influx and the summer swamp heat in NYC. Not fun.  New York City […]

September 13, 2009 2
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Luxury and Air India

They say the differences between the rich and poor is extreme.
My friend, Sandeep is picking me up from one of the markets i’m at to go to dinner before catching my flight. Today, he is not driving his car because he has his driver! We take dinner at a restaurant in his neighborhood and drive by his 3 story house…no, mansion! He comes from the sector where growing up w/ servants, a cook and a driver is normal. As he says “Everyone has them- cooks and drivers and such… This is normal, right?” Well, maybe drivers are common in India (due to the wealth of taxis & rickshaws ) but this extended privilege of servants is normal only to my friends from the Phillipines who have been raised with servants who dress them and brush their hair!

October 15, 2008 0
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Solo Delhi & Haggling for a taxi to Chandni Chowk

A day in Chandni Chowk and haggling for a taxi

October 10, 2008 0
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Indian Sleeper Trains and Indian Train Etiquette

Taking the Indian Sleeper Train back to Delhi

September 29, 2008 0
camel safari jaisalmer, camel man jaisalmer, camel safari india, rajasthan camels
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Taking a Camel Safari in Jaisalmer

My first camel riding adventure did not take place in Morocco, Egypt or Mongolia… it took place last year in India! Deep in the Rajasthan region where the environment is arid and hot, you can see these Quasimodo animals as native to the region as cows pulling wagons.

September 27, 2008 6
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