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Odd Jobs: Mumbai’s Dhobi Ghats

Mumbai is an unrelenting and persevering city. Its drives hard to catch up to its pace, but not the modern age. In many ways, I’m glad it hasn’t. It preserves the kind of traditional jobs, which make you respect India’s workforce all the more.

March 28, 2012 11
siriraj museum of medical anamolies
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Two-headed babies? Bangkok’s dark side & the Siriraj Hospital Museum of the macabre

What does Bangkok inspire for you? For me, it’s generally floating markets, monstrously serene Buddhas, assorted hawker food carts of delectable cuisine and throngs of smiling Thai. I don’t exactly think of two-headed cyclops babies, the corpses of infamous murderers and a display case of unusually, large human testicles.

December 13, 2011 20
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My narrow escape from Bangkok’s Ping-pong sex show scams

200 baht, 200 baht! I give you deal. Buy one drink and you see all the acts! You not get this kind price from anyone else.
The skinny Thai man quoted, whipping out a standard laminated menu: 1. Pussy shoots ping pong,…

December 9, 2011 59
sunrise at angkor wat
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Atrocities of Tourism: 6 annoying habits of tourists

No matter how much you’d like to selfishly keep good places from changing, development in the name of progress is inevitable. With growth and the popularizing of travel comes the stampede of crowded tourist buses, over-worn backpacker routes, souvenir shops clamoring for the sell and then comes the irritating habits of tourists…

November 9, 2011 26
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How to travel solo in India: Interview with Chiaki Nakashima

What does the idea of “a solo woman traveling in India” surface for you?

When I met Chiaki, we were both, waiting for the local bus to our yoga ashram. A Japanese waif of gentle yogic smiles, she challenged my notions about what it is to be a solo female traveler in India. Chiaki didn’t boast the extensive list of a world traveler nor was she avoiding the challenges of navigating the local terrain in the way a native would; yet, she was tackling India solo doing it in calm stride.

How the hell was she doing it?

June 26, 2011 11
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When Tibetan monks get downright passionate!

We all have this idea that Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns have very stoic , temperate and reserved personalities. Afterall, walking Buddha’s Middle Path (of compassion), doesn’t exactly lend itself to the appearance of being excitable, emotional or argumentative. Yet, monks have their moments and in their monk clan, they reveal themselves to be absolutely human when it comes to “the art of debate”!

May 26, 2011 6
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I’m visiting who?… Who is the Karmapa?

Who are we seeing? I asked

The Karmapa.

My party of yogi friends chimed in.


The name didn’t stir recognition for me.

His gaze was intense for such a young-looking face.

Piercing. Penetrating, as if he could see right into you…

May 23, 2011 7
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Taking Photos in Developing Countries & Mailing Them

What photos have the most meaning for you and does having your picture taken, have meaning for you?

I was wandering through the town when a moustached Indian gent recognized the camera strapped around my neck. He wanted me to take a picture of him in front of the town’s central bathing ghat, so I did.

May 12, 2011 3
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Visiting a local Indian theater in Gokarna

I’d spent the day circling the off-beat town of Gokarna, following the worn path of a merry-go-round. Boredom was closing in, threatening to seal me in like a concrete tomb. What to do when the town’s temples are closed to foreigners and you’re not into beaches?

Enter Gokarna’s local community theater…

May 7, 2011 11
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