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Shooting Reality Food Porn at the Food Network

Shooting at the Food Network

February 25, 2009 0
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Todd Oldham’s Valentine’s Day film shoot

Today is a bit of juggle- I have 2 shoots back-to-back with different clients. Both are advocating either vegan or vegetarian lifestyles! First, is a DBTV shoot in downtown Manhattan for a Valentine Day Special with our host, Josh interviewing and doing crafts with designer-photographer & host of “House of Style”, Todd Oldham. Then I […]

February 6, 2009 0
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Filming ‘MTV’s True Life’ and it’s Go-Go Lives

MTV’s True Life shoot

January 15, 2009 0
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Iowa: Cedar Rapids & Suriving Last-Minute Business Travel

MTV’s Engaged & Underage shoot in Iowa

December 8, 2008 0
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Louisiana: Houma

Monday, Dec 1, 2008: Houma, LA Am here experiencing the Louisianna Bayou for the very first time. I think this warrants a blog as being a country of its own. I am here on a casting shoot for a reality show and I’m here for all of 4 days. I haven’t seen a croc yet […]

December 2, 2008 0
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Solo Delhi & Haggling for a taxi to Chandni Chowk

A day in Chandni Chowk and haggling for a taxi

October 10, 2008 0
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VIDEO: Worshipping rats at the Karni Mata Rat Temple , Bikaner India

Many animals in India are considered sacred. At Deshnok’s Rat Temple, I had to walk barefoot over sacred rat pee and sacred rat poop which at the time was the only option that allowed me to witness millions of rats…

September 26, 2008 8
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