siriraj museum of medical anamolies
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Two-headed babies? Bangkok’s dark side & the Siriraj Hospital Museum of the macabre

What does Bangkok inspire for you? For me, it’s generally floating markets, monstrously serene Buddhas, assorted hawker food carts of delectable cuisine and throngs of smiling Thai. I don’t exactly think of two-headed cyclops babies, the corpses of infamous murderers and a display case of unusually, large human testicles.

December 13, 2011 20
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My narrow escape from Bangkok’s Ping-pong sex show scams

200 baht, 200 baht! I give you deal. Buy one drink and you see all the acts! You not get this kind price from anyone else.
The skinny Thai man quoted, whipping out a standard laminated menu: 1. Pussy shoots ping pong,…

December 9, 2011 59
thai bus
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7 Ways to Get Lost on a Bangkok bus

On this past trip, I made it my goal to see the city via one of the simplest and archaic carriages westerners can think of, the public bus! To sum up my city bus excursions in Bangkok: I got lost, got off at wrong stops, took the wrong bus and rode it in circles; at times, I even jumped on buses to see where they’d take me. In essence, I had a fabulous time!

7 important things to know about taking a bus in Bangkok:

December 2, 2011 16
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Exploring Beautiful Laos with Trekking

These days I enjoy trekking where it’s possible. Aside from a great workout, I like visiting mountain life, its lush and pristine settings of streams, hills and rice paddy fields and simple, hardworking and content inhabitants

November 28, 2011 8
sunrise at angkor wat
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Atrocities of Tourism: 6 annoying habits of tourists

No matter how much you’d like to selfishly keep good places from changing, development in the name of progress is inevitable. With growth and the popularizing of travel comes the stampede of crowded tourist buses, over-worn backpacker routes, souvenir shops clamoring for the sell and then comes the irritating habits of tourists…

November 9, 2011 26
thai fishing hat
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Review: Relaxing at Beung Pai Fish Farm, Pai Thailand

“Catch-and-release” fish resort? What’s that?

This as the first time I was hearing the term. Graham, a 40-ish expat from the U.K., sitting next to me on the bus, was eager to divulge his secret hideaway, the Beung Pai Fish Farm…

October 27, 2011 5
laos transportation guide, getting around laos, how to get around laos.
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The Ultimate Guide to Laos Transportation

When I took the overnight train into Laos, that was the start of my adventure with Laos transportation. Getting around in Laos isn’t hard but it can occasionally be interesting. Check your expectations at the door and go along with the fun.

October 21, 2011 18
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Fear Factor Foods Korea : How Fresh is Korean food ?

It’s all too easy for a foreigner like myself, to point a camera and say, Ewww to foreign foods I’m not culturally raised with nor understand. That’s why in this post, I’d like to applaud Korea for is its proud aspiration towards healthy and FRESH foods. And …to say, Ewww.

September 19, 2011 11
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Fear Factor Foods in Laos

As an American, I’ve lived most of my life in a shiny glass bubble…

So for me, traveling is my time to experience bold new adventures and broaden the glossy sheen of my bubble. One of the greatest thrills for me in visiting Asian/Southeast Asian countries, is encountering the unique culture shock or Fear Factor (see my Korea post here) of its different cuisines.

August 22, 2011 12
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