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World’s Worst Toilet: #6 Trekker’s Homestay Bathroom, Thailand

A village home stay with an outhouse isn’t horrible in the light of day. But at night with no light? That’s a different story.

December 28, 2011 7
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World’s Worst Toilet: #5 Thai Train

I have to admit, I love the Thai train! Compared to India, the bathrooms aren’t nearly as scary. However, I don’t like train bathrooms in general, for obvious purposes. It’s not about horrific appearances as it is horrific smells. As clean as the Thai try to be there’s almost always a tinge of smell or drips of urine lingering from the after effects of sudden jerks, shakes and rattling stops.

December 25, 2011 21
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World’s Worst Toilets: #4 The “Company Toilet” (Ladkh, India)

I was sightseeing the town of Leh, when the urge hit. I had to pee.

Don’t you just hate when the perculating pee pot hits full when you’re on the road with nowhere to go…? Well, maybe not nowhere…

June 19, 2011 11
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World’s Worst Toilets: #3 Vanity Squatter at Boseong Bus Terminal (South Korea)

Boseong Bus Terminal (South Korea) People say Koreans are vain culture, concerned with how they look. I won’t deny that accusation- Koreans, both men and women, dress very well and there’s mirrors in almost every public area to assure you look good. But how far will vanity go? Despite Boseong bus terminal is out in the more remote countryside of Jeollanam-do, the bus terminal has added a little something extra to it’s restroom bathroom stalls. As you see, there’s the toilet, the waste basket and then,… what’s on the wall right in front of you as you do your business but squat-level mirror? Now you can check yourself while taking a whizz.

September 20, 2010 10
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World’s Worst Toilets: #2 Roadside Relief in Sapa (Vietnam)

On my trekking tour, I wanted to take a pee break before we entered the gulf of the valley and into bush squatting territory. My guide Kuh, led us to this local roadside rest stop where we could relieve ourselves and maybe pick up a snack for the long haul. There was a low cost admission price to use this

September 6, 2010 2
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World’s Worst Toilets #1: Ancient Outhouse Squatter at the Mekong Delta (Vietnam)

Found this in the Mekong Delta region in Vietnam at a rice paper factory.
Did I have to use this? Thank God, no and fortunately, the western toilet with bedee has been introduced to Vietnam. But this is what was once used in the community. You wonder why the biodiversity in the Mekong River is so rich and why the fish there are said to grow big…

August 29, 2010 7
squat toilet in Korea
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The Secret to Using a Squat Toilet

So the fun just doesn’t stop… While I’m still sorting out my reaction to my new move, luck-draw number two just hit, when on my first day of school, I learned that every peeing portal in my school was a porcelain… hole in the ground.

March 7, 2010 25
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