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How to Make Friends when you Travel Alone (Part I)

Is Solo Travel Lonely? If you follow me on YouTube, then you probably saw these video tips when when I posted it. If not, then keep reading… As I’ve said before, solo travel is not lonely nor doesn’t have to be. However, there’s going to be times when loneliness on the road feels unavoidable.  Loneliness can […]

September 15, 2014 17
life past LA, how i fell off my wagon
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Travel and falling off your life wagon at 40

 Los Angeles. I looked out at the smog-clouded city and its diorama of  street grids, freeways and moving car ants.  Giant Hollywood film billboards dot buildings as a reminder of an urban succubus, wooing millions of young, aspiring artists to live out

July 29, 2014 24
traveling alone is not lonely, is traveling alone lonely, is solo travel lonely, travel and loneliness, being solo and lonely
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Solo travel will boost your social life

Reasons why solo travel will give you a better social life. (Watch this video!) I wouldn’t call myself “outgoing” or “the life of a party”. As personable as I might have seemed to others growing up, there was always an intrinsically quiet and shy person inside, who longed to be a social butterfly, but felt like a failure at […]

July 2, 2014 25
solo travel highlights 2013, travel moments 2013
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My 13 Hottest Solo Travel Highlights of 2013

. 2013 was a hot year, literally and figuratively. It’s like the whole year I was sweating. Not only did I travel during summer’s peak heat, but it goes without saying that  2013 was a rough year for me.  Humbling, cruel, grueling…  It was as if hell turned up the thermostat for my roast and […]

January 3, 2014 17
Everland Christmas, solo travel and ways to escape holiday loneliness
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Solo Travel: How do you escape holiday loneliness?

The holiday season can be a solo traveler’s nightmare. I think you can figure it out why.  Everyone thinks of holidays and special occasions as days to be spent with family and friends. Not alone. Well who made up that dumb rule? You’re alone and want to enjoy your single, solo life like it’s daily […]

December 29, 2013 16
female mid-life crisis
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Is a backpack just another word for “female mid-life crisis”?

I’m not dealing with age very well. “Middle-age” feels like the un-sexiest number to be. Everything from moisturizers to anti-aging potions are strewn throughout my bedroom and bath. The yoga mat is my closest

September 25, 2013 39
solo travel safety tips, safety tips for travel,
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VIDEO: 8 Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

VIDEO: 8 Safety Tips for Solo Travelers This is the second part of my Travel Q & A to the two-part question asked by a YouTube viewer : What are some safety tips that I’d recommend for solo travelers? In the last video post, I spoke about a smart traveler being thoughtful of safety, making […]

September 4, 2013 17
solo travel safe, solo travel for women, travel tips for female solo travel
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VIDEO: How safe is it to travel solo as a woman? (Q&A)

VIDEO: How safe is it to travel solo as a woman? So I’ve started to take Travel Q & A for my YouTube videos. Recently, I had a question posed to me on one  of my YouTube videos. The female viewer asked: How safe is it to travel solo as a female?

August 16, 2013 6
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Solo Travel: Finding your Travel G-spots

Uh oh ohhh… Here it comes. The feeling of power ripped through me as a surge of exhilaration. The boat was bouncing, skimming off the waters, but that wasn’t it. Ohhhh…Wow! I wanted to scream. The feeling was overwhelming. But maybe screaming was too much. I didn’t want people to hear. I didn’t

August 7, 2013 14
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