Best and Worst travel moments of 2016, 2016 fails
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My Best and Worst Travel Moments of 2016

Adios 2016! You were a good but challenging year. Here’s a flashback of the best and worst moments of 2016. I actually started filming it at the tail end of 2015 starting my three month trip, through Thailand, Taiwan, Borneo and India.

January 6, 2017 1
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The GRRR : My blog lineup for the coming months

I’m back from nearly a month-long travel in Asia/Southeast Asia, with gawd… a ton of exciting travel stuff to share with you. I have stories, information, videos and photos, and travel survival tips on why you should’s… and why you shouldn’ts. First thing~ What’s new…GRRRLTRAVELER is on YouTube with Travel Survival Tips!

July 2, 2013 8
Ultimate Train Challenge- 2013 Train Challenge
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Wanna jump aboard the Ultimate Train Challenge?

Imagine yourself…

It’s May. You’ve got 31 days to get from Saigon to Lisbon or Lisbon to Saigon.

You can choose any route to take. Choose to stop and spend time wherever you want. The one catch? You must make the whole journey by rail.

February 11, 2013 4
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2012 GRRR! Shoutouts to sites recognizing Grrrl Traveler

Sometimes, we can only notice good things in our lives, in retrospect. Or maybe, we do recognize good things, but just don’t have enough time or energy to enjoy it. Grrrl Traveler’s 2012 has had some pretty good moments.

September 13, 2012 7
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I Booked a role on Hawaii Five-O ! (Part I)

Okay, some of you asked to see the competition…

Still wondering what some of those alternate plans for 2012 were, twerking with that university job in Korea? Here’s my hinted confession to one of those alternate things…

February 15, 2012 21
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Win paradise stays in Puerto Rico and Hawaii on Girls that Roam!

Win paradise stays in Puerto Rico and Hawaii! Take the Women’s Travel Survey today!

October 3, 2011 0
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Tribase’s ‘My 7 Links’ Project

When Megan of On my way RTW tagged me on Tripbase’s My 7 Links project, I was both, honored to be counted in as part of the travel blogging community and thrilled to be able to share some of my favorite pieces. So if you missed some of these posts the first time around, here’s your second chance! From a restaurant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with the endearing madness of honking motodops and tuk-tuks as inspirational backdrop, I write for you …My 7 links.

September 1, 2011 7
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December GRRR!: Published Writings and Top 100s

December Shoutouts to Published Writing and Top 100’s

December 12, 2010 5
high school korean boys
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November GRRR!: Chill Travel Reads & an EPIK Vacation?

November almost gone and it’s a crazy time of month with news of winter camps and vacations. I’ve been a busy duck this past month; often more busy than I seem. Between writing deadlines, job searches, vacation planning, making friends, eating vegan turkeys and blogging for two sites,… the biggest question I try not to ask myself is- What will I do if my plans fall short? (and I don’t get a university job by visa extension deadline in January?)

November 29, 2010 0
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