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Packing Tips: Should you pack a travel towel?

o you’re on the road and your luggage is loaded with spanking new travel gear. Now is the time to see if what you bought really works! Will you revise your load if it doesn’t work the way you imagined? One of the items I least care to pack is a towel.

November 18, 2011 24
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Packing Tip: How to Pack a Guidebook, bit by bit

Digital times has reduced the power of paper; yet, my eyes don’t enjoy the constant absorption of LED light from computer screens and hand-helds. I want paper… I want my guidebook.

But I resent taking paperweighted guidebooks with me…

June 16, 2011 10
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My Top 3 Travel Secrets for Travel (and Korea)

For travel bloggers, nothing is more fun than to share trade secrets with other travelers or with your community. When Chris of South Korea posted his Top 3 Travel Secrets and tagged me in it, I was thrilled. I too, had seen the year-old Tripbase travel meme on Legal Nomads’ blog and commented on it almost the week before receiving this challenge.

As I said, I excited to share some of my new travel secrets…

October 8, 2010 19
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Tips on Packing Light for Summer Travel

Summer is probably the easiest season to pack for. It will strip you of any excess or bulky layers, whenever you think of them and as most travelers know, there’s no such thing as packing too light. But what if you’re traveling to a culture with conservative dress values? Do you still pack light? Yes and No…

August 5, 2010 2
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Two Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs & Mosquitoes when you Travel

Two Tips for dealing with everything in “traveler-scary” from mosquitos, bed bugs, head lice, etc…

January 28, 2010 11
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Traveling Rites of U.S. Passport Renewals

So my renewed passport cost $75. It arrived last week and the color of my cheeks are changing back to rosy- Guatemala, here I come! This summer I’ve felt a little glum from the combo of the recession’s impact on my work influx and the summer swamp heat in NYC. Not fun.  New York City […]

September 13, 2009 2
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10 Must-Haves to pack in your backpack

When backpacking- I accept that everything will be both, an adventure and culture shock. I want to experience the culture, meet the people and participate in the local lifestyle so I steer clear from big hotels. This means- anti-luxury, anti-porter, anti-hotel-ease. A complete 180 degree turn from my work trips! In addition to my packing list of essentials (read the my Essential list), I am now packing a home within a backpack, knowing there will be times I’m roughing it.

October 20, 2008 5
Space bag travel bag
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5 Essentials if you’re traveling for work

Traveling for work. When I’m traveling as part of a TV crew, both my work and travel tends to be physically demanding. My work entails hauling heavy camera equipment and flashpacking technology as an addition to my personal luggage. Thus, my first aim is to come back carrying less than what I take up. Thus, all personal items need to belong to one or more of the 4 categories:

October 19, 2008 3
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