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World’s Worst Toilets: #4 The “Company Toilet” (Ladkh, India)

I was sightseeing the town of Leh (Ladakh), when the urge hit. I had to pee.

Don’t you just hate when the percolating pee-pot hits FULL, when you’re on the road with nowhere to go…? Well, maybe not nowhere

Public toilets? eek.

When I’m traveling, I like to avoid them. So I thought I’d outwit my surroundings; I went to a well-known telecommunications store in India (whose name shall remain anonymous) and asked for their employee john. They were kind to oblige.

Okay, so I wasn’t handed a corporate bathroom key, but company toilets… can’t be that bad, right?

Ha ha! A narrow escape from the horrible reeks and squatting messes of a public pot!

I could feel myself aglow, inwardly cackling with travel genius. I was brilliant!

A rectangle hole cut from a soft (termite-eaten) wood floor sat alone in tiny room on the third floor of the store’s building. The hole fell to a 20 foot drop, where you could see evidence of those who’d gone before you.  The wood around the hole bowed and creaked when I straddled it.

Who needs a flush chain when you’ve got a shovel? Just throw a little dirt over your business after your done.

This was a native Ladakhi toilet and it was only the start of my using one. I am told that it gets so cold that the poo freezes and turns into manure.

Damn you India, you’re ruining all my delicate sensibilities!


  1. Hoo Sze Ling says:

    ……….. and I thought I’d seen the worst! This wins hands down.

  2. Laura in Cancun says:

    The shovel’s my favorite part! Ok, my company bathroom is seriously luxurious compared to this… but I bet my leg muscles aren’t nearly as strong as the ladies working at XYZ Telecommunications Company, Leh, India.

    • @Laura: ha ha.. true, I’m sure going to the toilet is a calorie burning workout.

      @Kirk: I think any western wife would want to murder her husband for giving her only that option. But it’s true, you can only hold out for so long. However, knowing your dead hubby suffered as much might make you feel better.

  3. Company Toilet my butt! Thats just crazy my wife would kill me if I told her to go in there…lol hey when you gotta go you gotta go.

  4. Andrea says:

    Ugh – makes me feel a little better about the Inca Trail toilets, though =)

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