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Photo Essay: Slumdogs of Mumbai

Photo Essay: Slumdogs of Mumbai

Carter Road, Bandra, Mumbai.

Along Carter Road runs a promenade which Mumbainikars go to for a stroll, to walk their dog or to just hang out by the beach. One of the nice things about this boardwalk are their benches. Some have inscribed memorials to people, some have short sayings and some have stray dogs, a large problem in India. Here are just a few of those benches– with slumdog or without.

Photo Essay: Slumdogs of Mumbai


  1. Anu Roy says:

    i like all pictures.Most attractive is your head line “Slumdogs of Mumbai “

  2. Sneha Jose says:

    Hai Christine Kaaloa, Most Attractive picture is Second.I know Dogs are creating several problems in India.

  3. The last picture resembles the condition itself, see the condition of seat.

  4. Ajay says:

    I loved first photo.. i have been there as well.. but it was in rainy day. You can even see dogs jumping to walls and sleeping on high walls.

  5. Laura in Cancun says:

    Wow! That first picture really has an impact. I’m loving all those inscriptions on the benches 🙂 Great reminders.

  6. Papa says:

    a reprieve of thought from a lazing mongrol. good show chris

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