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VIDEO: “Sunrise on the Ganges”, Varanasi

GrrrlTraveler’s Postcard Diaries: Sunrise on the Ganges, Varanasi, India
(2min video)

My boat cruise down the ganges at 6A felt beautifully special …and not, with reason that at least a 100 of other tourist boats were out on the waters racing to make the length of the Ganges before sunrise! By boat is the only way to see the overall bathing ghat life, morning sun salutations, chanting, meditations, yoga postures and people washing their clothes on Ganges. Man, woman and child are there- a dip in the Ganga water is considered holy and purifying, so many lather up and take a baths in it too! Most are so devout and absorbed in their water ritual, they can be nonchalant about the 100+ tourists boats observing and photographing their every move.
[Excerpt from “Varanasi’s Humorous Underbelly”— Click here for actual blog…]

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