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  1. John

    Is there an apple store in the airport? could i buy an iphone on a layover at Incheon?


    • Christine Kaaloa

      Sorry, I don’t know John.


  2. Joe lee

    Apple online store does ship to Korea


  3. dan

    if you don’t have Korean friends and you live in Korea, you are missing out on the whole point of living in Korea! But if you are brand new here, I can understand that it can be hard to make friends with Korean nationals. It is worth your time to go out of your way–your Korean friends can help you find Apple stores and everything else you need!!!!


    • Christine Ka’aloa

      @Dan: I totally agree! Making Korean friends is the best way to go and there’s a lot they can fill you in on in the culture! And then, if you can’t make Korean friends (its not always possible) then it’s also fun to stumble upon things and explore them yourself. 😉


  4. Steve the QiRanger

    Actually, there are a few licensed resellers in Korea. In addition to Frisbee and a#, Alfie can be found throughout Seoul. The above stores are resellers of Apple products and not repair centers.

    To get your Apple products repaired or to purchase replacement parts, one needs to visit a UBase repair center. They are the contracted official Apple repair center. I’ve had the following work done while in Korea:

    1) replace the keyboard
    2) replace the on-board mic

    Both of these were done under AppleCare purchased in the US.

    3) purchased Korean (European) power cords so I don’t have to use an adapter.
    4) swap out a hard drive for a larger drive.
    5) swap out the mother board.

    While one can make purchases from the online store, UBase is usually faster. One can even bring in the part number and have them order it for you.


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