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  1. Maia

    Hi there! we will be going to s.korea this year with only a limited time of 4 days and we want to spend only 1 day in busan. 9pm is our est arrival in Incheon airport and we plan to take the late night trip to busan. On the next whole day we will go to some tourist attraction and at night maybe we will try to experience jimjilbang. My question is that on the ff. early morning, what time is the first trip of a regular train (not ktx) to seoul?


  2. javier Lim

    May I ask is it better to plan busan trip from seoul starting Sat to Mon or Mon to Wed? I am worried traffic in busan will be bad over weekend. Any recommendation? Will you be able to share your experience if any? Thanks.


  3. Alia

    How much does it cost now?


  4. Arya

    I am interested with Jinhae. Could you please tell me how do i go there from Busan?


  5. DK

    I think you really made the most of Busan. I spent a day there and went on the city sights tour as well just to easily see what was there. For me, Busan has nothing of any real historical or cultural interest – I’ve seen seafood before, (the fish market) as well as many shops and beaches…that’s about it for Busan. Still good to use as a base and go to Japan by ferry. I wouldn’t go there for the sake of it though.


  6. Arya

    May i have your full itineries please?



    Arex Express train is the best way to access from the airport to Seoul station. It is fast(it takes only 43 mins to Seoul station) and clean. Plus, the price is also reasonable. It cost 8,000won and if you take one of these airline;Asiana,KAL,Jeju airline, you get some discount(6,900won). Arex Express train info desk is located between gate no.9 and no.8, desk no.45 on 1st floor in the airport.
    T-money card is a prepaid public transportation card which means
    you have to load some money on your T-money card before you use it
    on subway,taxi or bus. And you can purchase a T-money card ata low price
    if you head to Seoul station from Incheon airport. Find the Arex info.desk
    on 1st floor at the airport. It located between gate #9 and #8, desk no.45.
    They have a special promotion for foreigners; Express train ticket to Seoul station
    + T-money card it costs only 8,900 won. The regular price of
    the express train ticket is 8,000 won and T-money card is 3,000 won.
    So the promotion is a good deal.


  8. Candace

    Wow, thanks a bunch for such an informative post! You’re a great writer and very easy to read 🙂

    I’m a solo female on a Friday night, also pondering whether I want to go to Busan this weekend (much like you were haha), so I thought I’d search online for what I could do in Busan in 2 days. Lo and behold, I found your posting ^^.

    I really like the tour bus idea as want to see as much as I can- did the tour bus take you to a lot of places all over the city or just a few notable ones located more centrally?

    I want to visit any notable places the bus tour doesn’t cover on my own (probably via subway), but I’m not sure which places the bus covers…


  9. daniel

    can you hop off an on with the city tour bus or is it just a plein tour to see everything out of the bus?


    • Christine Kaaloa

      Yes, @Daniel, it’s hop off/on.


  10. shenaz

    Hi-You forgot to mention that Busan has the largest department store in the world which I quite enjoyed. I also really, really loved Nampodong market. I would visit Busan again just to spend a whole day at this market.


  11. Laura Cancun

    Such a cool experience!!! I love your weekend trips 🙂


  12. anna

    Wow…. what an experience and to do it solo, I’m so proud of you! You will have these memories forever. Keep writing, it’s your thing. Let’s skype next week and let me know how the family visit is.


    • Christine Ka’aloa

      @Anna: Thanks for the “fighting” spirit. Let’s definitely skype. My fam is here for 10 days! Am excited and am trying to get them out to see some of these Busan sights too while i’m at work.
      @Laura: Thanks, lady! The weekend trips are well-needed. 😉


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