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9 Types of Transportation in Myanmar

Types of Transportation in Myanmar / Burma
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Many travelers want to know how to get around in Myanmar?

For a female solo traveler without a guidebook or a hard-set plan, getting aroundMyanmar didn’t feel difficult… at all.  Using the Burmese transportation system always felt fairly efficient and safe.  Although I didn’t get to a chance to try the train or the long-distance boat, what I experienced was surprisingly good and occasionally, quirky.

Okay, there were a few questionable moments when I was thinking… WTF?!  But thankfully, they all ended well. The worst I encountered was when I thought I was being scammed in Bagan only to find out horse-drawn carriages at 3 am in the morning were modus operandi. Myanmar can be unique.

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How do you book your transportation in Myanmar?

I didn’t see many tourist agency offices. I knew they had to exist but unlike other countries, there weren’t throngs of agencies lining walkways. But then again, I didn’t feel like there was any need to have them.

Inquiring with your Burmese guesthouse or hotel about transportation options, they’ll  tell you what’s available  to use, down to the long-distance bus schedules. If you’re moving onto another city, they’ll  book your bus for you.  Throw the Burmese the booking ball and they’ll help make your Myanmar trip planning a stress-free affair.

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While hotels and guesthouses in Myanmar gain a commission from their bookings, but it won’t puncture your wallet.  Costs are pretty low and can feel similar to traveling in Laos and Cambodia.

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What types of transportation will you find in Myanmar?

Watch my video above and you’ll see that it ranges from simple to rickety, to down-right grand poobah! What also impresses me often about Southeast Asian countries are their complimentary hospitality. In the U.S., everything is expensive and we don’t get free water, free nothin’!

Below is a breakdown of the 9 types of transportation I took in Myanmar and how much I paid .

#1. Local city bus,  Yangon
Cost: Under $1
#2. Overnight Sleeper Bus , Yangon to Bagan
Cost: $10-15 included free bottled water and a rest stop break
#3. Horse carriage Taxi, Bagan
Cost: $7
#4. Shared taxi pickup (cost included in the long-distance day bus fare)
#5. Long distance day bus, Bagan to Nyeung Shwe
Cost: $10 included free bottled water and rest stop break for lunch
#6. One day Boat tour, Inle Lake
Cost: $15, ridden with stops at souvenir shops
#7. VIP luxury bus,  Nyeung Shwe to Yangon
Cost:  $23 , included van pickup to bus station outside of Nyeung Shwe, free luxury extras (I’ll let you be blown away by my video)
#8. Car Taxi,   Yangon bus station to Downtown Yangon
Cost:  $7 (which was eventually split between 4 solo travelers)
#9. Guesthouse airport shuttle bus
Cost:   FREE with stay at the Motherland 2 guesthouse

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  1. Benny says:

    How do you travel within myanmar city. Distance around 4 km ?

  2. Coby Smith says:

    The train ride from Bagan to Mandalay was amazing. Thanks for sharing such a valuable piece of information for fellow South East Asia travellers.

    • Julio Moreno says:

      I gotta chime in. The train ride from Mandalay to Bagan is 10 hours of countless bugs flying into the incredibly slow train. Every two minutes, you have a new kind of bug flying in. It was impossible to get a nap in, although it was overnight. Maybe the other way is nicer.

  3. travelnlass says:

    Sorry you didn’t get a chance to ride a train in Myanmar. The train from Bagan to Mandalay was among the most remarkable highlights of my trip. Likewise I was AWED by the train from Hsipaw to Mandalay – that crosses over the Goteik Viaduct bridge some 300+ feet above the valley below!

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