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16 Top Bangkok Street Foods



As one of the best known street foodie capitals of Southeast Asia, Bangkok has an endless variety of food to tempt your tastebuds.

The city is a haven of street foods. It seems you’ll see food hawkers and sidewalk hawkers lining the streets frying, boiling, dicing and chopping some of the most delectable mouthwatering dishes for cheap.

Here’s 16 popular and well-loved Bangkok street foods loved by both, tourist and Thai.

16 Popular Bangkok Street Foods


Noodle & Soups

Noodle and soup dishes are ubiquitous in Thailand, as are curries.  Whether on sidewalk cafes or in restaurants, you’ll find the common


1. Tom Yum

Tom Yam is the national soups of Thailand.  Its a mixture of lemongrass, chili and kaffir leaves. Its flavor strikes the perfectly Thai balance flavor of sour, sweet, salty and very hot-spicy.   Doesn’t matter how hot or humid it is outside, I can eat this day or night.  Often, it’s known to come with shrimp (aka goong) going by the name of Tom Yum Goong. Cost ranges starting at 80 -180 baht.


2. Pad Thai 

Thailand’s national stir fried rice noodle, is pad thai. It’s fried with egg, chopped tofu, soy sauce or fish sauce. Vegetables like bean sprouts and pickled radish are also stirred in.  Vegetarian versions can substitute soy sauce for fish sauce. and egg for tofu. Cost: 50 baht


3. Boat Noodles

If you love noodles, highly recommended is boat noodle alley at Victory Monument. the noodle bowls are small but only cost 12 baht. What it is is a beef noodle soup. One of the main ingredients is cow or pig’s blood (I didn’t know this until much later, after I’d already eaten it).

You can choose the type of noodle you want and the flavor. If you can eat 20 bowls, they’ll give you a free bottle of Pepsi. That’s incentive.


4. Fish Ball Noodle Soup with flat noodles

A common noodle soup you might find on the streets is fish ball noodle soup.  t’s really a fish cake served in a clear, light, non-spicy broth. The taste hardly very fishy, but it is very flavorful.


5. Vegetable Rice Porridge

If Thai dishes are too spicy for you, then there’s always vegetable rice porridge. There’ mushroom and cabbages. I love these types of mushrooms. I’m not not sure what they’re calked but I love them… string mushrooms.  Nice clean broth.

Calming to your stomach. the flavor is lightly salted, with garlic and/or ginger,  packing a great subtle flavor.  It’s a perfect dish if you have a stomach that can’t handle anything spicy for you or if you’re sick. Cost: Approx 50 baht.


Street Snacks

You’ll find a wealth of street food dishes in Bangkok.  So street snacks are the most available and easiest to find. From fried eggs to roti, deep fried tofu or mochi balls to cut fruits, there’s so endless things to try! Here’s a few well-known ones.

       6. Fried Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are a popular snack that most tourists know of. It’s thin rice noodles and vegetables wrapped in a clear rice wrap and deep fried. Often, it’s served with a sweet side sauce. Cost: 30 baht.


7.  The Thai Taco

The Thai Taco is a coconut creme wafer or coconut crepe. It’s a creme filling with an outer wafer cookie. The inside can range anywhere from coconut shavings to meat, combining sweet and savory together.


8. Chocolate Banana Roti

Chocolate banana roti is a popular street snack for tourists with a bit of a sweet tooth, this pancake like snack has chocolate and bananas in it.


9. Deep fried insects

The Thai love their deep fried bugs . It’s a street snack that’s are especially popular in rural Thailand and as a result have made its way out to the city where people have moved to work. It’s said that the bar girls of Isaan are particularly fond of these insects and thus, you may find carts parks outside of girlie bars.  These all cost 10 baht each for a little package of them.  Some of them are creatively flavored and can come like spring salad mixes.


10. Vegetarian Festival  (September or October)

In honor of vegetarian festival week a lot of the street food vendors have those little yellow flag s up meaning that their food is vegetarian. So this is like heaven for me right now. So now I’m at a street food stall tables totally gnawing on this loveliness, which only cost me 20 baht. Even though I can’t tell you want they are, other than they’re made of vegetable or vegetable protein, soy protein or tempeh… Kinda like a vegetable tempura. Yum. Good.  See my travel guide on Downtown Bangkok to see which streets will have the best street food selections!



11. Som Tam

 Som Tam is a favorite salad of Thai..  It’s sour and spicy, but flavorful, green papaya salad often prepared fresh on the streets with motor and pistol.  The lemon juice, fish sauce, dried shrimp and some peanuts.


12. Fried Morning Glories

On of my favorite dishes in Thailand happens to be very simple.  Fried Morning Glories with garlic and a little bit of chili.  I can last on this dish for days. Cost: 50 baht w/ rice; 60 baht without rice.


Drinks & Desserts

Due to the Thai heat, the Thai love their drinks, both iced and sweet.  You’ll find iced coffee, herbal teas, yogurt drinks and drinks with tapioca .

13. Thai ice tea

So here we have Thai iced tea. You can find this thai tea anywhere in Bangkok. It’s very  milky and very sweet. You can taste the carnation milk in it. But it’s also got the flavor of the Thai tea, which is kind of like a black tea.  A lot of street vendors make this Thai iced tea. Of course, it’s filled with ice, because If you like it cold, which the tahi do, especially in this heat. Then they pack it to the top with ice. The the ice melts in the heat and then you ‘ve got your cooled down Thai tea.

Most of the time, you’ll get a plastic bag holder for your drinks. This is because you won’t be allowed to hold drinks in your hand on the BTS, metro or bus. If you’re planning to take the btw or public transportation, ask for a plastic bag.


14. Red Bull Energy drink ( product of Thailand)

Many westerners might know of Red Bull energy drink as offering a caffeinated kick. However, not many people know the drink actually originates in Thailand.  Supposedly the Thai version is a lot stronger than the western version, but tasting it is hard to say.  The  American version tastes more like soda with a little pep to it. The Thai version is surprisingly smooth.


15. Fruit & Herbal Drinks in Thailand

In Thailand,  you’ll see a lot of fruit drinks, flower drinks ( popular flavors are plum, taro, chrysanthemum, jasmine and more), and herb drinks.  The fun thing about traveling is you never really know what you’re actually eating. But only that it tastes good…. or bad. Of the drinks, I find the flower drinks can have a love-hate response. Many of these drinks have added sugar in them and the tastes are very unique.  For instance, I always accidentally buy the chrysanthemum and upon taste, always remember how much I don’t like it’s artificial sweetness and flavor. In my video, I tried a berry drink, which wasn’t bad.


16. Sweet sticky rice and mango with coconut milk

A common Thai dessert that’s simple and on the healthier side is sweet sticky rice and mango with coconut milk. Taken together, it creates a flavor almost similar to a mango-like ice cream, with enough coconut milk to give it a creamy flavor. Often it comes with  sprinkles of baby mung bean for a slightly salty crunchy.

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  1. Edward says:

    When in Bangkok, you must try this awesome foods.. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Great tips. I love your articles – the tips and ideas are so easy to read. No fussing around, you just tell it as it is. It works, big time. 😀

    always remember your articles. Thanks!

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