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Deep Fried Bugs Taste Test| 6 Must try Bugs of Thailand

Deep Fried Bugs Taste Test Challenge | Bangkok, Thailand  (Click here if you can’t see the video)

During my trip to Bangkok, I wanted to try eating deep fried bugs. The first time I was in Thailand, I did a video of myself eating a cricket.  This time I wanted to try more. I went in search of a bug cart!

Eat Deep fried bugs are a street snack in Thailand

Deep fried bugs is said to be popular with people from the region of Isaan – who move to Bangkok for work.  The economy of the region is struggling, the community lifestyle leans towards rural and bugs are known to be a source of protein. Perhaps that’s how deep fried bugs became one of the street foods of Thailand.  While they’re not commonly found at every market corner, you’ll find an occasional bug cart in a street food lineup.

Bug snacks aren’t only in Thailand however; they can be found in Southeast Asia.

Deep Fried Bugs Taste Test 

This video is *not* meant to offend Thai culture or people. It’s meant to be a fun taste test and to see how far I can push my travel comfort zone.  As an American, I wasn’t raised to see insects as a food source.  I’ve encountered many fear factor foods in my travels. Insects are the first ones on my list that I’ve felt okay with trying.

My six course bug menu consisted of:

0:44     Spicy Lemongrass Wasp Salad
02:21   Cricket Lemongrass Salad
03:50   Deep Fried Crickets
04:57   Grasshopper
08:06   Deep Fried Locusts
11:20    Waterbug


The first two are lightly flavored, so you get a bit of lemongrass flavor in them. The following ones are deep fried and larger so they have more of roasty shrimp-like flavor.  The waterbug, well… you’ll have to be your own judge.

More on Bug Eating

14:03    Bug eating in Asia | United Nations
14:25    Behind the Scenes: Ordering from the bug cart

How much did my bugs cost?

The bugs I got from a street food bug cart cost 10 baht for a small snack bag.  The Waterbug cost 10baht for one, clearly the prize delicacy!

Thanks to my friend Scott Kim for his support and sponsoring of my 6-course bug plate!


What is your comfort level with eating bugs in Thailand? Would you do a deep fried bug taste test?  Where would you draw the line?

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deep fried bug taste test thailand

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  1. Megan Indoe says:

    You’re far braver than I!

  2. Dave Kelly says:

    Did you get a glass of wine with your meal?

  3. Cest La Vibe says:

    I are crickets at Summer Camp in California and again in New York City a few years later. I wish I could try your bug meal!

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