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Flying through the Chinese Village of Pai

The Chinese village in pai, thailandThe Chinese Village (aka Suntichon Village ) out of Pai

The village is a small Chinese cultural site tucked away on the country outskirts of Pai/Mae Ha Song but easily reached 45 minutes by motorbike. I had heard about this place from Graham on the bus over and wasn’t sure to expect.  Surprisingly, the village doesn’t have the look or feel of a traditional village. There’s actually nothing historical about the place other than the Chinese souvenirs they sell.

When I reached The Chinese Village and hurriedly walked through the grounds. I was distracted by my fuel tank warning and the fact in under an hour, the roads would be black, so I apologize that there’s not much for me to say about this place. Then again, I’m not sure if had I strolled the grounds, I’d feel any differently. The main center of the village holds a nicely manicured park, with bungalows, an outdoor deck restaurant and souvenir stores selling Chinese items. The only thing seemingly novel about the place is a man-operated ferris wheel, which sits in the middle of the main lawn.

The village felt a bit inauthentic, disappointing and touristy (gauging from the throng of tourist buses in the parking lot). It might still be worth a visit during daylight hours however.

I found this short video clip of the man-operated ferris wheel at the Chinese Village .
The quality is a little quick & shady but a worthy attraction to mention.

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