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  1. Elaine

    Never thought a veggie food fest could be so lively … might check it out next year!


  2. Ken Norris

    I had to share this. I am not a vegetarian but on some days I do eat nothing but vegetables. The best vegan/vegetarian place I ate at was in Ireland, called The Happy Pear. In Greystones Ireland. Well worth it!


  3. Steven

    That’s a fascinating festival and it will be interesting to visit once the event was held especially for vegetarian people. The tips will be useful and thank you for sharing the stunning photos of the festival. Wish i can visit there too next time


  4. Jay Dollarhide

    A lot of my friends that live in Phuket were just posting photos of this festival. It looks like it gets really crazy down there, not sure I could stand to look at some of the impaling they do, it was bad enough just in the photos for me to turn away, I have a weak stomach when it comes to things like that!



      Jay that’s the freaky spectacle side that many tourists and press are attracted to. It kinda the point. I went on the last day where it was more about the community and essence of what the festival is about. I’d recommend the last day. What it’s about is more intriguing.


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