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3 “Must Dos” of Vietnam

1. Do take a trek and homestay in Sapa.

What more can you ask for? Trekking pristine mountains, streams and rivers, panoramic vistas, meeting hill tribe families and staying overnight in a village!(Northern Vietnam)

trekking sapa vietnam

2. Take a riverboat tour and see the floating market  on the Mekong Delta

You can’t find more rural grit than at the Mekong Delta. From floating markets to houseboats, fishing boats and the Mother Mekong, life on the river is all about rice and commerce. (Southern Vietnam)

3. Take in a water puppet show

Theater is the voice of the people; it’s the laughter, sorrow and joys which moves people to seek it out as entertainment. It’s not got fancy pyrotechnics,revolving stages or high-wire daredevil feats. What it’s got is more simply a great ideapuppets performing in water!Incidentally, this wins my 3rd spot, beating out Halong Bay, simply because although Halong Bay is very striking, it takes a long time to get there.


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