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Video: How nuts is Motorcycle Mayhem in Vietnam?

A short video collage of motorbike driving in Vietnam.

“Just how crazy is motorcycle culture in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)? It’s insane! In HCMC the two-wheeled chariot populates roughly 90% of the roadway (highways included). Thus, the Vietnamese are as comfortable on their motorbikes, the way L.A. drivers are in their sunglasses and cars! People hang out on their motorbikes, leisurely checking their cellphones, eating or reading their morning newspaper; lounge on them like sofa chairs and practice the art of balance by sleeping on them as nomadic beds. In addition, going to the park at night is like going to a motorbike make out point — couples park, share a cuddle and occasionally, spoon on their bikes.” (For more, read  Saigon: The Vietnamese Madness over Motorcycles)


Song: Ngày Đó
Written by Jo Marcel (VNese artist b4 1975)
Singer: Ngoc Lan

Credit:  Major GRRR! Shoutouts to Ben at Vietnam720 for keying me in on the singer and song on this video

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Video: How crazy is Motorcycle Mayhem in Vietnam?



  1. I don’t think anywhere is a densely packed with motorcycles or scooters as Jakarta. Sometimes I just have to look away from the road.

    • @QiRanger: I will have to visit Jakarta some time then! Motorcycle crazes always fascinate me. If I could get around via motorbike here, I would buy one just for that freedom. Am hoping to get out to Indonesia while I’m here but the prices are always a bit higher than I expect it to be. I’ll have to check your vids to see if you have any tips for it.

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