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15 Commandments of the New Yorker Bible

New Yorker Bible

14 Commandments of the New Yorker Bible:  You know you’re a New Yorker when…

New York City.  The Big Apple. Manhattan.

The Manhattan lifestyle is a unique beast. New Yorkers are busy, time-calculating, straight-forward and don’t show remorse expressing how they feel, even if it’s blunt honesty. Hey, it’s business an we’ve all got places we need to be.  Nothing personal.

But as busy as New Yorkers are, you’re bound to find a helping or guiding hand once in a while. The city and its residents are intimidating but also surprisingly soft-hearted when you get to the core.  New Yorkers born and raised there are actually nicer than the transplants; and not all New Yorkers are angry or steel cold beasts, but there’s a silent community solidarity, as exampled during 9-11 when the entire city halted to mourn its loss.

The Big Apple is a pedestrian city, where residents commute by metro, bus, taxi and foot. Vulnerable to weather, other people and its zealous ambitions, makes New Yorkers survival based.

It’s a time-efficient city, where people walk quickly and you can get any service you want delivered to your door (just don’t forget to tip!).  It’s where the international food is as good as visiting its motherland country and food is cheap and good if you know where to go. It’s a metropolis full of stairs and ladders,where access to pieces of the sky and clouds are limited to those with penthouses, top level condos and offices. It’s where “the best of the best” come to get better.  It’s a city which never sleeps.

Many tourists love Manhattan for its endless possibilities, shopping, sightseeing and nightlife.

But could you live there?

As with all cities, there is a common lifestyle theme, which governs the New York City  mentality. New Yorkers have peculiar lifestyle quirks other cities the U.S. don’t have, which makes it badass, gladiator like. As long as you live in Manhattan, you’ll always be reaching for the next rung and surviving the jump.

Here’s the top 14 Commandments of The New Yorker’s Bible.

You know you’re a New Yorker when…

1-  You fight for everything (…a place in line, your way at customer service, the subway, career opportunities…).

2-  You never walk around something if you can push your way through it.

3-  There is never enough time in the day to do all that you want, but still you try.

4-  “Sleeping in” on the weekends is nothing to congratulate yourself for or admit to.

5-  The world would be a better place without “indecisive or slow people” (or tourists that stop in the middle of the sidewalk!).

6-  Impossible does not exist (…and if it does, is either “hypothetical” or used as an example of how other cities run).

7-  The deadline was always “yesterday”. So make it happen.

8-  Your life in the city is spent climbing stairs- literally and metaphorically.

9-  Each person has a closet Type A personality and it lives through “mental checklists”.

10-   You “engineer” your dreams and find ways to make them happen in reality vs. fly your dreams like kites...with “hope” strings.

11-  Juggling two to three career lives is so passe.

12-  Your motto is “Live to Work” (not vice-versa).

13-  You always look into the windows of other apartments, curious about its size.

14-   You can always recognize a tourist– they’re usually the ones smiling.

15.  Jaywalking is absolutely acceptable and you’ll always find yourself standing a foot -or ten- into the street when waiting on the corner for the light to change. It’s about getting that extra edge into your day; a way to slice time. Got your running shoes on? 

Weigh in… You know when you’re a New Yorker when…? Would you want to live in this city?


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