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12 Commandments of the New Yorker Bible

New Yorker Bible

What’s in the New Yorker’s Bible?


I’ve lived in New York City for over 8 years and the city and lifestyle is a unique beast, both intimidating and surprisingly soft-hearted when you get to the core.  It’s a pedestrian city, where residents commute by metro, bus, taxi and foot, a city of high rise towers that allow only pieces of sky to peek down. It’s a time efficient city, where people walk quickly and you can get almost any food imaginable, by hitting the streets or delivered to you via order by phone. It’s a city of dreams ,where the world’s top talents come to make their names and fortunes in art, dance, theater, fashion, music, entertainment and business.  And finally, its a city which never sleeps.

Would you live there?

As with all cities, there is a community camaraderie and shared understanding which governs the New York City  M.O. New Yorkers have a mentality, lifestyle and quirks  different from other cities the U.S. or in the world. Here are some of the holy commandments which govern them.

12 Commandments of The New Yorker’s Bible

1- You are expected to push and fight for EVERYTHING (a place in line, your way at customer service, the subway, career opportunities…)

2- Never walk around something if you can push you way through it.

3- There is never enough time in the day to do all that you want, but still you try.

4- Sleeping in on the weekends is nothing to congratulate yourself for or admit to.

5- The world would be a better place without “indecisive people” (or tourists that stop in the middle of the sidewalk).

6- Impossible does not exist (and if it does, is either hypothetical or used as an example of how other cities run).

7- The deadline was (and always) will be “Yesterday” and there are no excuses.

8- Most of your NYC lifetime will be spent climbing stairs- literally and metaphorically.

9- Each person has a closet Type A personality and it lives through “mental checklists”.

10- New Yorkers “engineer” structurally-sound ways to ensure their dreams are executed properly and with precision;  Dreamers fly their dreams like kites...with string.

11- Juggling at least two career lives is standard.

12- Your motto is “Live to Work” (not vice-versa).

FYI There are no thou’s in the New Yorker’s Bible.


Weigh in… Did I leave anything out?  Would you want to live in this city?

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Article by Christine Kaaloa

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