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Guest Post Guidelines

GRRRLTRAVELER is  looking for content from travel bloggers and travel writers .  Look over my website to see my guide style. I reserve the right to decline or edit the submission if it doesn’t meet the standards of quality.

Our audience

Our readers are independent, budget and adventurous travelers, who seek DIY information.  We want informative and well-written posts that sincerely want to help travelers. If you’re citing landmarks/locations, please include address (or ‘getting there’ information especially if you took a bus or metro) and with street food or attractions, try to list some ballpark prices.

Imagine using your article as a sole guide for traveling a new destination alone.    If  the article is written just to get a link back, I’ll reject it.

Subject categories and topics I seek:

What’s the country or travel topic you’re an expert in?   

•  Things You Should Know Before You Go series
•  “Travel Tips to Surviving  ______ ” series : These sound easy because they’re 5 tips; however, they’re five essential tips and the best you’ve got as travel survival tools.  Top 5 Essential Tips for Surviving _____ (city; country, culture ; city/country guides always offer transportation information), budget travel, solo travel, living and working abroad.  See more examples
•  Packing Tips or what to pack for (a destination)
•  Top 5 :  Travel Beauty or Travel Gear Tips
•  South Korea:  destinations, food or cultural insight.
••  City Guides  (These articles are more intensive in information. I seek articles with DIY information, such as address locations, prices. You will be the expert of this destination and must have traveled there for anywhere from 3 weeks or longer )

What I will not accept

•     Previously published articles.
    Articles which sound artificial, salesy and commercial
•     Links from commercial companies or affiliate sales links.   See Advertising Options
•     Articles or reviews about services, hotels, tour agencies or travel-related businesses.

Who can apply:  Guest Posts are for fellow travel bloggers/writers with a website.  This only for those in the travel blogging community. If you are looking to advertise  your  for-profit company or commercial service, I’ll be sending you my advertising rate card.  Links  you wish you use will be requested upon contact.

Word Count:             800- 2000 words.

Photos:                        3 (or more) nice quality per piece, with a description.   Max width: 800 pixels .

The photos you select, must be your own and you will disclose usage rights to GRRRL TRAVELER to use for your article and title cover image. Photos will only be used for your article and purposes of sharing it on social media sites.

Video (Optional):     If you choose to use video, please send us the link or embed code to review first.

Author Bio:                Please include a short author bio (two-three sentences), a travel photo of yourself, with a  link to your blog  and Facebook and Twitter.

Links:                          One link to your site. All external links to websites other than your blog are subject to my approval. For thorough city guides, I offer a link to your website and one of your articles.

Delivery:                    HTML version  usually works best because I know what you’re hoping for in formatting. You can create this by working on your post in your WordPress site under “Visual” and then switch to ‘Text” version, to copy and paste into your submission.

Be professional.  If the grammar requires much editing on my part, I will reject it.

Keep in mind: This is your chance to woo my readers to your site for your expertise. If it’s an evergreen post and popular, I will likely share/repost it to my social media at future dates.

Where to submit:  Go to  Contact Form.  Note: It may take some time for me to get back to you as often my schedule is busy.


Thank you very much for your time and interest and I look forward to hearing from you!



  1. Hello,

    How are you doing?

    I have an idea for an article titled ‘5 Ways to prepare for high altitude mountain climbing’ for your website. I think your audience would love to read it.

    Would you be willing to take a look at it?

    If not, I can write on any other topic you require.

    Shawn Michaels

  2. [email protected] says:

    Hey folks this is Larry from Aiea, Hawaii, I travel alone to Thailand, Japan and the Philippines frequently. Im in my late 40s and want to turn people on especially from Hawaii and all the local wahines here for sure , south east Asia is safe just don’t be stupid like anywhere else you would travel. Its not just for dudes, Thailand isn’t a mans only vacation like you may have heard, stop going to LV. Im looking at retirement there someday to get out of expensive Hawaii when im older and why live in a desert someplace like LV when you can live in southeast Asia its so much more like Hawaii and cheaper than being on the continent and I cant see older folks scrimping and living in substandard housing and clipping coupons when in Hawaii when you can live well in an Asian country about the same distance and airfare cost as the east coast to Hawaii. people are actually more friendly in ASEAN than in the USA.



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