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Guest Post Guidelines

GRRRL TRAVELER is  seeking

Travel bloggers, who will make GRRR solo readers feel confident, excited and informed about a destination.


My readers are solo and adventurous travelers, who seek DIY information for trip planning inspiration. Many are inspired that I’m largely a D.I.Y. solo traveler.  My experience and insight inspires their confidence in planning a similar trip.  I write because I want them to have a safe and fun trip! I seek travel writers with a similar approach to me. Reader demographics: United States, South Korea (expat community), Singapore, U.K., Malaysia, Canada.

I’m looking for

•     First hand experience,  INFORMATION, insight, make travel do-able!  Only write about destinations you’ve experienced.
•     100% Original Content. Article must not be published anywhere else on the internet.
•     You don’t have to be a professional writer, but if your grammar requires much editing, unfortunately I will reject it.
•    Patience: Between YouTube and my blog, I have a busy schedule. I also schedule my posting activity. It may take a while for me to get back to you or publish your article.

Note: Advertisers acting as “guest posters” trying to sneak in links to for profit and commercial sites. Ask for my rate card.  I will suss you out quickly and yo, that’s plain shady.


What you get

GRRRL TRAVELER is a DA 45/PA 47 site, with 65,000 monthly visitors and 172,000 unique pageviews.  

•  In article:  One do follow link to your website on  GRRRL TRAVELER, with links to your Facebook and Twitter.  This is your chance to woo my engaged readers to your site. An evergreen post, will get reshared to my social media at future dates.

Social promotion:   A mention and link back to your FB page/Twitter account. Your article will also be shared in my newsletter and through the rest of my social networks.

•  Consideration: I occasionally get paid opportunities for sponsored articles. No promises. But if your travel/ writing experience matches the requirement, you may get an opportunity email from me.

Guest Post Topics I’m looking for

• For travel warriors:  Destination Guides (aka Best Things to Do)

*This is a  DIY destination cheat sheet: It breaks down highlight attractions and DIY information on best ways of Getting Around and Travel Tips , and some insight into budget or ballpark prices.  I cover a lot of Asia/Southeast Asia destinations. I’m open to all destinations; however, they must be mainstream.

•  For Foodies:  Must Eat Foods of ________

Recommend must eat foods of a destination, explain the palette of the culture and any common ingredients.   Foods should be either street foods or common cultural foods with a timeless appeal (unless it’s a food trend). If there’s any stories or reasons, which make the foods culturally popular, please share.  Try your best to list ballpark costs or how much you paid for the dish.

•   For Cultural warriors:  Things You Should Know Before You Go series

This digs into fun cultural insight/culture shock, explaining travel tips through cultural quirks that helps travelers navigate a destination through cultural awareness.

•   General Travel Tips

  Essential Tips for Surviving _____ budget travel, solo travel, living and working abroad.  See more examples

•  For Packing Warriors:  Essential Packing Tips for (a destination)

  This is all about preparation: travel survival, special requirements, travel gear or anything that helps a traveler navigate trip wires of a country or culture.   (i.e. a scarf for religious occasions or SteriPEN for unsafe water conditions, international driver’s permit for a destination where many travelers drive motorbikes, etc..)

 South Korea

I have many readers interested in Korea due to the fact I lived there. I’m seeking new destination guides, food or cultural insight posts.

Guest Post Requirements

Word Count:   1500- 2000 words.

Photos:   Three photos of good quality with a brief description explaining what the photo is of and about.   Max width: 1024 pixels. You own your photos (or Creative Commons referenced photos) and agree to disclose usage rights to GRRRL TRAVELER for use in your article, it’s promotion on social media and its title cover image.

Author Bio:    Please include a short author bio (two or three sentences), a travel photo of yourself, with a  link to your blog, and Facebook and Twitter.  No affiliate links (duh).

Delivery:   HTML version  usually works best. Create this by writing your post in WordPress under “Visual” and then switch to ‘Text” version, to copy and paste into your submission.

Note: I reserve the right to decline or edit the submission or add internal/affiliate links. 


Where to submit:

Go to  Contact Form.  Send me the link to your blog, writing samples and your article ideas. Note: It may take some time for me to get back to you as often my schedule is busy.


Thank you very much for your time and interest and I look forward to hearing from you!



  1. Hello,

    How are you doing?

    I have an idea for an article titled ‘5 Ways to prepare for high altitude mountain climbing’ for your website. I think your audience would love to read it.

    Would you be willing to take a look at it?

    If not, I can write on any other topic you require.

    Shawn Michaels

  2. [email protected] says:

    Hey folks this is Larry from Aiea, Hawaii, I travel alone to Thailand, Japan and the Philippines frequently. Im in my late 40s and want to turn people on especially from Hawaii and all the local wahines here for sure , south east Asia is safe just don’t be stupid like anywhere else you would travel. Its not just for dudes, Thailand isn’t a mans only vacation like you may have heard, stop going to LV. Im looking at retirement there someday to get out of expensive Hawaii when im older and why live in a desert someplace like LV when you can live in southeast Asia its so much more like Hawaii and cheaper than being on the continent and I cant see older folks scrimping and living in substandard housing and clipping coupons when in Hawaii when you can live well in an Asian country about the same distance and airfare cost as the east coast to Hawaii. people are actually more friendly in ASEAN than in the USA.



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