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Here’s some of my favorite travel sites!


Best Airfare Search Engine sites:

SkyScanner    Finds alternate routes where others haven’t
Flight Network   *Lowest price protection guarantee      Daily low prices & month-to-month views. Want to find out the lowest cost possible but you’re flexible on dates?  ‘Explore’ is my favorite feature.


 Best budget hotels and hostel search engine:

•  Agoda  They offer the best rates for Asia and can pull options for any type of travel style.  For Asia, I wouldn’t choose anyone else.


Best site for Flights in Asia:

Air Asia     Offers the lowest prices if you’re traveling within Asia.
Jetstar       Cheap flights in domestic Japan; in some cases, cheaper than the train.


  Bus Travel in Europe

ID Bus    Main cities in Western Europe at low costs.


  Favorite Travel tools:

CDC         Travel medicine and shots required for travel
Happy Cow    Lists vegan/veggie restaurants around the world
Seat Guru       Know what airplane seats to book
World Clock/Planner      Time & Date scheduling a meeting across the globe
World Cab Fares         Know the fares in a country you’re traveling to
Seat 61 Train travel and timetables across the globe


  Work for Room & Board

HelpX    Work volunteer for free room and board
WWOOF   Work volunteer on farms around the world for free room and board.
•  Houseitters


  Best *Free* Tools for Travelers,  Expats &  Location Independents

Portable Apps     Prevent ID theft.  Access mail, surf the internet, etc… from your USB.
Google Docs/Drive      Access Word, Powerpoint, Excel docs from anywhere. Upload, work online, save and sync docs with your PC.
Open Office         Your work computer is in another language; this downloadable app mimics Microsoft Word.       Free online faxing in the U.S.   Limits two faxes per day.
Google Voice       Free phone number and voicemail service. Transcribes voicemail and emails it to you.
• Kakao Talk         Popular in Asia & Korea. Mobile-to-mobile calls, mssg, chat. Friends must have it installed their phone.
• Essential iPhone apps for Korea
• Best iPhone Apps for Travel 


Best Job Site for Jobs Abroad:

Dave’s ESL Cafe
Jobs Abroad Bulletin UK


Best Yoga Class Podcast for the Traveler:

Elsie’s Yoga Kula   This fierce yogi with a warm heart rocks at offering inspiring classes… for free! Take her on your travels with you and you can OM out anywhere your backpack takes you. Download her podcasts now!


Fave Sites for Trip Planning (by Country):

• India Mike    Travel Forum for India: incredibly useful for India travel.
•    Good reference resources for Japan

Visit Korea    Official Korea Tourism Site
Nepal Vista
Bangkok Day Trips,,  Bangkok

• Tripadvisor   For reviews on sights and hotels, written by other travelers.


 Best travel site for Inspiring Travel Interviews:

Dave’s Travel Corner 


Best Tours I’ve Taken:

Thailand:    Travel Hub Chiangmai , Khiri Travel
Vietnam:    Sinh Tourist (The real Sinh Cafe), Delta Adventures
Korea:       Korea Tourist Organization’s City Bus Tours (available in most major cities),  (tours to the DMZ/JSA – USO)


Best Travel Insurance:

Read 3 Cheap but Good insurance carriers
World Nomads Travel Insurance
STA Travel Insurance


Gap Year & Travel



Digital Nomads & Freelance Life :

Monster List of Freelancing Job sites
Life Hacker        Great tips and articles
Location Independent    Tips for getting started as a Location Independent
Elance              Get Services.  Provide Services.  Become an elancer.      Get any service performed for $5
World Time Buddy  Converts time


Travel bloggers I like: (This is a list of individual bloggers)

A- E
• The Fearful Adventurer
• FlipNomad
• Four Jandals
• FoXnoMad
• Freelance Backpacker
Geriatric Traveller
Girl and the World
Holiday Backpack
Journey Woman
The Longest Way Home
Man vs. World
Migrationology (Spanish)
Napa Wine Project
Our Oyster 

Fellow Solo  Travelers


• A Dangerous Business
Breathe Dream Go
Bren on the Road
Nomadic Chick
Solo Friendly
 Solitary Wanderer 

 YouTubers I follow


K-bloggers in Korea: (please let me know if some of these links are no longer active)

A Possible Venture
Alien’s Day Out (vegan)
All the Korean Blogs
A Place Like Me in a Girl Like This
Ask a Korean
Ask the Expat
Brian in Jeollanam-do
Cookies Beauty Blog
Eat your Kimchi
Expat Abundance
The Grand Narrative
Johanne Miller
Korea Climbs
Koreafornian  Cooking
London to Seoul
Mapping Words
The Marmot’s Hole.
Saunas in Korea
Seoul Eats
The Qiranger 
Vegetarian in Korea
The Waygook Effect
Waegook Tom
Zen Kimchi
Radio Programs for Expats:
Arirang’s ‘Wonders of JejuKorea Expat web news:
10 Magazine (magazine)
Daegu Compass (magazine)
• Daegu Pockets (magazine)
Daves ESL Cafe
• Expacked (newsletter)
Korea4expats .
Korea Bridge (resource)
Korea Tourism Organization (resource)
Nanoomi (resource)

Fellow EPIKers 2010:

Amanda: Korea, Kimchi & K-Pop
Chance Alberg
Christo: Kimchi with Eish!
My Crazy Kimchi
Joel & Gina: One Year in Daegu
Malou: From San Diego to Daegu




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