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Love Letter #11: Life is a Stage in Gokarna

Local community theater with seats being sold at 30, 40 and 50 rupees (Gokarna, India)

Dear Love,

Life is an Indian stage. When does the rehearsal end and the real show begin?  Heroine, damsel in distress, drifting gypsy, lost soul or adventurous pioneer? Who am I today?

I witness many stories unfold around me. Various characters and scenarios emerge in seemingly chaotic frenzy. Staring Indians, weaving taxi drivers, stubbornly slow cows and backpacking travelers cross my path stitching me into their story, as if I’m either a part or byline in their story.  The fruit seller won’t take my torn ruppee and looks at me as if I were a scamming tourist. But angelic smiles and help or kindness from locals brings a renewed faith in mankind. A cup of coffee on a shared table or a conversation with fellow travelers in the guesthouse lobby, can easily turn into short-term company. I may plan my sightseeing itinerary, but I never know how the play will turn out until the end of the day.  Welcome to my theater!

Improvisation and script. Solo and group travel. A fear of the unknown and the thrill of adventure.  The curtain is open.

I feel like I’m still rehearsing.

Do I know my story yet? Who am I?



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Article by Christine Kaaloa

Christine is a solo traveler, blogger and YouTube vlogger, who shares travel advice, trip planning and survival tips and tricks on how to travel alone as a woman, live and work in South Korea and to follow your passion for travel.
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  1. lights up.

    GRRRL enters stage right as the orchestra holds for her cue…

    • @Kirk: Thanks for that bit of wisdom! You’re so right– it’s all about perspective!
      @Joshy: Ha ha… your humor is totally on mark all the time, J!

  2. Life is like a stage I guess it more of how the person thinks more than anything. How you look it the situation makes the biggest difference. Do you takes things in a bad sense or as a learning experience. So people look at things more as a fear where someone else enjoys the thrill. Nice post!

  3. Laura in Cancun says:

    You’re definitely not rehearsing. You’re going out and doing what so many only dream of.

  4. This is beautifully penned Christine. I enjoy reading your posts immensely.

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